Friday, August 12, 2011

Someone needed our camp trailer batteries more than us..

I really cannot believe someone stole our camp trailer batteries...Both of them. We went to load everything in the trailer to go ,and no batteries.. I really hope these people needed these more than we did. I also hope they know they stole this from a really big family with special children.
I am so mad right now , i am sure glad i never seen these people take them. I am sure they would have had a fight on their hands.. Our family really loves to go camping and traveling with our camp trailer..

But quess what it won't slow us down !!! WE will just have to put out 200.00 or 300.00 dollars to buy new ones.. Money that we could use else where..

I sure wish people weren't so mean. But oh well. We will be off to have fun soon...

Say a prayer for these people or person..

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moms Playhouse

Dad aka Gary hard at work

Campbells Country Store

Mom taking time to pose

Mom has been super busy around here (not her) She had another gargage/store sale this past weekend, it rained most of Friday but Saturday was clear and hot so we had lots of traffic in and out all day long. We like to tease Mom that she would rather put all of our treasures in our own house instead of selling them, I think this is more like her big playhouse than a store. We don't complain though because this is something she loves to do and it gives her a break fom her otherwise hectic life, and if Mom is happy everyone is happy. Seriously, this gal is amazing, she does all this work with the store and still has time to do housework and take care of Dad and all the kiddos.We all love you very very much and thank you for everything you do for all of us, you are a beautiful person.