Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Barrel of fun !!!

Jordon and Chrissie playing ..These two are very busy all day long..
What a cute liltte guy.. He sure could use a brother his size .. We are looking to adopt a little toddler boy, from age 0 - 7 years of age . Yes , we would love to adopt one more child with down syndrome .. Jordon loves to play , but he wants to wrestle and the two little girls do not care for that.. They get mad at him. We have an up dated homestudy and are just waiting for our new little one to find us..
Chrissie and Bella playing .. These two are a hoot !! We really love watching them learn everyday .Somedays they both work hard on school and other days they will not do anything at all.Can you just say , stubborn.. Boy we have alot of that in our house.. Two parents , ten children and nine grandchildren.. You will have lots of stubborn little ones running around.. Oh what fun..
Chrissie right after her bath.. She almost loves her bath as much as her food,almost... She is getting so big and beautiful!!! Yes, she sure has been a handful , but we sure do love her..
Bella and Chrissie playing or maybe teasing each other...
All the kiddos are doing great.. We have so many things going on ,it is hard to find time to post he ron the blog.. But we will try to do better...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend With The Aunties

Hillbilly Birdfeeders
Very Adorable
Andrew riding a log down the hill
Paris in a plastic bag
Last weekend we spent four days with the Aunties in Bigfork, Mt., it snowed almost the whole time, but even then it was beautiful. The Aunties made the Hillbilly birdfeeders for us to put on our Etsy store (CLICK ON OUR CAMPBELLS COUNTRY STORE BUTTON AT THE TOP OF THE BLOG TO SEE MORE).We are getting the whole family involved in our adventure and the Aunties are no exception, they travel the whole area around Big Fork searching for treasures and materials to create new ones.We brought our 12ft cargo trailer along this time so we could haul everything back home with us.With such a large family and having to bring the whole house with us whenever we travel our cargo trailer has sure come in handy and it also gives Jody more room for picking up treasures and projects to finish.The kiddos all hate to leave the Aunties house to go home because they have so much fun. Before we are even home Jody, the kiddos and Aunties are already making plans for our next visit.I think we all enjoy these visits very much, but it's hard to convince the kids that we do have to stay home once in a while or we wouldn't ever get anything done at home, and they are anxious to head out again.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mama Bears Fleece Blanket ~ give away

Mama Bears Fleece Blanket Review &

I have a soft
and super cute review and giveaway for ya today! :)
Mama Bears Fleece
is a business that her & her hubby own along with a Country Store.They have 10
children, 3 of them adults and seven children, at home ..Many with special
needs. 3 that were born with down syndrome .They love everyone of them very
She is so sweet
and I love to meet new people that have a heart for special needs children!
Mama Bears was
kind enough to send me a fleece blanket for my Princess and I to review and try
out! I loved the way she had it bundled when it arrived! :)

Isn't She The Cutest!?

Her New Blanket Joins Her For Nap Time
As Well :)

My Princess
loved this blanket!
The colors are
perfect for her and it is truly so so soft! :)
Thank You Mama
Mama Bears Has Been So Generous To Offer One Lucky
Reader A Blanket Of Choice From Her Shop! Yay!
Just Fill Out
The Form Below To Enter! Good Luck!
(Winner Has 48 Hours To
Contact Me!)
Etsy Shop

Jennifer @ www.Iheartmotherhood.blogspot.com
did a review for our store ,her little girl got a cozy warm fleece blanket of her choice. You see her in the photos all cozy in her fleece blanket..
One lucky person will win a fleece blanket of their choice from Mama Bears Fleece Blanket store on Etsy.com

Thank you Jennifer for the great reveiw!!!!!
Jennifer also has a special big boy and that sweet little girl...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some of my favorites of Pinterest.

My favorite place to hang out on line!!!
Oh it is so fun to find new and exciting ideas to redecorate or new ideas to teach the little ones..
go check it out www.pinterest.com It's amazing !!!!!