Thursday, September 30, 2010

A new ride !!

Big sister Amz & Bella Boo
Pretty little Chrissie

Big sisiter Amz talking to baby J

Daddy, Kenzie loving Bella

Our new ride!! Yes , Gary finally broke done and bought us a 15 passenger van. Oh how i love it. There is so much room. Yes, more open seats to fill. Now what will God have in store for the Campbell Family .. We will see...
Thank you so much Honey!!!!!
Love you ,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

This is the day her Daddy has been waiting for !!

Bella is walking anr her Daddy couldn't be prouder.. We are all so happy Bella is walking. She really has been trying hard now that her sister Chrissie is here, to give her that little extra push. Yes, some days she really does push her.. Bella and Chrissie are doing great together. They have there moments, but most of the time they do good. Chrissie is really good for Bella. Bella has to get up and going now... So here is to Boo smella~ that is her nick name from the other children~ her siblings.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Look who's walking~part time !!!

Bella will be home 2 years at the end of Nov, this year. She has done so well in our family.. Bella has learned more than anyone thought she every would. We have very high hopes for Bella to be able to be all she can be..Bella can walk when she wants to. She likes to tease her Daddy when he tries to get her to walk. Then she will laugh and laugh, it really is so cute to see her laugh and tease .. Bella is an amazing little girl. We all love her so much!!

Bella has done more than most people every thought she would. But with a loving family a child can do many things..If you are looking to adopt a severely delayed child, i would say yes, yes, They can do more than most people give them credit for.. They can give you so much love and affection.It is all worth every bit of money it cost to bring her home. To us there is no amount of money that could be to much to have brought her home or any of our children for that matter.. We love them all !!! Take a look at the vidoes..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grizzley players at the Buddy walk !!!

Our family and the Grizz players

Go Grizz !!!

These guys have such sweet hearts, they were visiting with all the families and children. Then they signed autograghs for the children . Dez had them sign her Buddy Walk shirt and Kenzie got them to sign her cell phone.. How awesome is thaty..
Thanks Grizz Guys !!

Sept 11,2010 Missoula,Mt Buddy Walk..

Baby J , Chrissie and some friends sitting with 2 Montana Grizz players.These guys were awesome to the children and there families..
Gary , David and our grandson Camren..

Montana Grizz players~ GO Grizz~~

Chrissie and Aubrey

Gary and our granddaughter Aubrey.

We went to the Missoula , Mt Buddy Walk !!

Missoula,Mt Buddy Walk 2010~Sept 11, Amber , David and their children our grandchildren.
We were so happy they went to support people and there siblings with down syndrome. Thank you Amz and David .

Kenzie , her best buddy Kali , Chrissie and Bella.

Amz and baby J~

Gary and Jody 2010 buddy walk.

Yes, We all got up very early to get ready to go to Missoula,Mt to attend the Buddy Walk. The drive is 2 hours each way. But it is so worth it. We all had so much fun at the buddy walk, and we always meet new families with new little special angels with that little something extra.

All the kids were very happy to meet the Montana Grizzilies football team members. We even got pictures with them , or them with us. We had 15 family memebers go to the buddy walk. The buddy walk is lots of fun, but we sure wish they would have one in Butte,Mt. It would be so nice for all of us that have to travel out of Butte to attend.. It really is nice to talk to other families that have children with down syndrome. We love to see how they all are doing and growing.

Bella was on the flier for the Missoula,mt Buddy Walk flier this year. I wish i could put it on the blog , but my scanner is not working..I will put lots of pictures from the walk on here..

Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh baby !!

Oh baby J !! Our baby J is so handsome and the most awesome baby. What a treasure God gave us to care for. Baby J has been such a joy to parent and so easy to parent. We love him so much , and he is so full of love for everybody. I love to just sit and hold him and look at him. His little ears are so adorable and that smile would melt your heart. God gave us a beautiful , beautiful baby J. He is learning everything so fast and he doesn't miss anything going on around him, Dad calls him nosey Rosey.Hopefully he isn't learning all of his older sisters bad habits

Fishing at the Virgina City ,Mt pond

Kenzie and baby J
Kenzie caught the only fish!!

Baby J taking his nap.
Dad , Kenzie and Dez looking to see what kind of bait they want to use.

Mags likes fishing , but not with real worms. She likes to use corn and marshmellows.
Worms are gross..
We had lots of fun in V.C. The kiddos love the childrens fishing pond. Then we always have to go to the cousins candy store. Oh how they love this store.. The sugar , oh yes they love the sugar..
Kenzie was the only one to catch a fish. She sure was happy about that.. The little girls had a nice day at the pond. They watched what was going on all around them.
Nice day well spent.. Fun was had by all...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Painting , painting and more painting

Yes, I have been painting some of our rooms again. Our dinning room is a butterscotch and maroon. It has the antique look. I really love it .
This is one corner in our dinning room. I love to decorate with older items.

This is our front room. It looks like it is wall paper. But no it's not. Jody has a rubber stamp of a moose and put all these moose on the wall with one stamp. Compulsive, just a little . It really looks great. Do you see our kitchen table, yes it is a picnic table. We had it special made for us. Made by people with disablities. We sure like to support people with spacial needs, when possible..
All the children and new puppy are doing great. We just have not had any extra time to post lately. But all is well here. More in the next few days..