Friday, September 10, 2010

Fishing at the Virgina City ,Mt pond

Kenzie and baby J
Kenzie caught the only fish!!

Baby J taking his nap.
Dad , Kenzie and Dez looking to see what kind of bait they want to use.

Mags likes fishing , but not with real worms. She likes to use corn and marshmellows.
Worms are gross..
We had lots of fun in V.C. The kiddos love the childrens fishing pond. Then we always have to go to the cousins candy store. Oh how they love this store.. The sugar , oh yes they love the sugar..
Kenzie was the only one to catch a fish. She sure was happy about that.. The little girls had a nice day at the pond. They watched what was going on all around them.
Nice day well spent.. Fun was had by all...

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