Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday "PRINCESS" Bella~

Bella's beautiful Birthday Cake

Bella sitting in the sun

She loves to wrap the curtians around her

Bella is growing so fast


Our little Princess turned 7 years old today. it is hard to believe she is 7 already. Bella has come so far since we brought her home at 4 yrs old.We estimate that physically she is about the size of a 3 yr old. Bella is very petite, but there is a lot of energy in that little body so she is always on the go either causing trouble or tormenting one of us, and we wouldn't want her any other way. Happy Birthday to our precious Princess, you are very special and we all love you very much.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Andrew!!!

Happy 9th Birthday Andrew !! Chrissie and Bella having fun at Andrews party!!

Papa and Aubie!!

Grandma weezy and the kiddos!!

All of us having a great time !!
We love you Andrew

Yes, i am posting this late..
Andrew turned 9 on March 19th.. He had a great party,.Thank you everyone that came!!
Andrew is really starting to become a big boy now. We do love him so...Wwe hope you had a wonderful birthday Andrew..

Blessings !!!

Bella looks like her daddy sleeping sitting up!!
Bella hanging out in the sun on the couch!!

BabayJ waiting for his dady to come home!!

Paris~aka Megan , she is beautiful!!

Chrissie and baby J playing !!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thank you for the support !!

Thank you to all that have left comments !!!
It is so nice to hear encouraging words..

We will be fine.. Things will need to change , for the better... Yes, i will be able to spend some time with my hubby .. He will be able to stay up later than most of the kiddos.. Maybe not Paris ..Paris aka Megan likes to stay up with mom..

We are hoping to spend some time at the lake this summer...
If we can find a safe play yard for the 3 little ones and Andrew too.
Andrew likes to run off by himself.. Boy that is not safe for Andrew...

More later

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sick family and Gary lost his job !!

All of us have been sick for the last two weeks.. Kiddos have been running temps , runny nose and just feeling cruddy. So we have been home staying away from everybody so we don't get them sick.. Kenzie , Jordon,Bella and Chrissie have all been getting breathing treatments. Long lists to keep track of meds for each child. We hope soon we will all be better soon...

Well Gary ~aka Dad ~ Went to work just like any other day, got up at 2:00 A.M for his shift.
At 6:00A.M. he got a message to have a meeting with his boss at 1:30 P.M. HIS BOSS AS NOT BEEN HERE TO MONTANA in months. So we figured something was wrong. Gary and the two other drivers went to the meeting .After Gary being with this company ~for he is in his 15 year.
They said they will be done working in two weeks. Wow after that many years you would think they could at least give them a months notice..

That means Gary and I~Jody will no longer have health insurance.. That really sucks, for lack of a better word...
I guess we have to look on the bright side~we will get to spend sometime together. Gary will be able to stay up later than 8:00P.M. That part will be nice.

I will have extra hands here to help me teach the children for awhile. Boy i don't know how long Gary will be able to handle that.. We will see.
Please say a prayer for all of us to feel better and for Gary to find a new job that will provide for all of us...
WE LOVE YOU GARY aka Dad !!!
Have a great week end !!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Silly pictures of our kiddos !!

Bella Boo
Amz and Jordon

Cool Chrissie !!

Poor baby Jordon pouting !!

Jordon is mad !!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I know it has been a long time scenets we've updated. All the kid's are doing good! Jordon is learning how to stand and crawl on his knee's and not on his butt. Bella has been picking up food and putting it in her mouth all on her own (good job Bella!). Chrissie is doing good. She likes to pick up shoe's and puts them over the gate. Megan "Paris" has officially moved into Mckenzie and Deztany's room. Andrew is getting excited for his birthday (his birthday is March 19th!) and is trying to be on his best behavior. Deztany has been wanting to go see Justin Bieber's 3-D movie called "Never Say Never". McKeznzie and Bella love this squeaky voiced kid, His name is Fred Figglehorn, they both love him. Kenzie is counting down the day's until her birthday too (Her birthday is April 5th). She is going to be 11 (her lucky number). 50% of Kenzie's time on the laptop she watches Fred on his you tube site (some of his videos are hilarious, to Kenzie). Every time Kenzie turn's on Fred Bella will be sitting with you and when she hear's the three word's "Hey it's Fred" she will head for Kenzie.(you can go to Fred's you tube site at Deztany like's Justin Bieber. She is alway's saying '' If i meet Justin Bieber i will scream and faint''. Paris Kenzie and their friend's Kali and Rachel are just loving Taylor Swift's new album Speak Now! (They love you Taylor!!!!!) and Andrew is liking other artist's like Sean Kingston and Big Time Rush. He want's Kid's Bop 19 for his birthday. Kenzie on the other hand want's Fred's Christmas album called "It's Hackin' Christmas With Fred". I think she is overly obsessed with Fred (his real name is Lucas Cruikshank).

This post is made by Kenzie