Sunday, March 6, 2011

I know it has been a long time scenets we've updated. All the kid's are doing good! Jordon is learning how to stand and crawl on his knee's and not on his butt. Bella has been picking up food and putting it in her mouth all on her own (good job Bella!). Chrissie is doing good. She likes to pick up shoe's and puts them over the gate. Megan "Paris" has officially moved into Mckenzie and Deztany's room. Andrew is getting excited for his birthday (his birthday is March 19th!) and is trying to be on his best behavior. Deztany has been wanting to go see Justin Bieber's 3-D movie called "Never Say Never". McKeznzie and Bella love this squeaky voiced kid, His name is Fred Figglehorn, they both love him. Kenzie is counting down the day's until her birthday too (Her birthday is April 5th). She is going to be 11 (her lucky number). 50% of Kenzie's time on the laptop she watches Fred on his you tube site (some of his videos are hilarious, to Kenzie). Every time Kenzie turn's on Fred Bella will be sitting with you and when she hear's the three word's "Hey it's Fred" she will head for Kenzie.(you can go to Fred's you tube site at Deztany like's Justin Bieber. She is alway's saying '' If i meet Justin Bieber i will scream and faint''. Paris Kenzie and their friend's Kali and Rachel are just loving Taylor Swift's new album Speak Now! (They love you Taylor!!!!!) and Andrew is liking other artist's like Sean Kingston and Big Time Rush. He want's Kid's Bop 19 for his birthday. Kenzie on the other hand want's Fred's Christmas album called "It's Hackin' Christmas With Fred". I think she is overly obsessed with Fred (his real name is Lucas Cruikshank).

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