Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jordon's 1 year check up .

Daddy got to take baby J for his one year check up and shots. Mama didn't want to be there and see baby J crying. So daddy got the hard job today. Baby J weights 20 lbs & 02oz , he is 29 inches long and doing very well .. He is such a smart little boy. Baby J has been watching the school videos with his two bigger sisters. They have some learning videos that we have them watch almost everyday. They teach colors, shapes, animals and more. The girls and Baby J love them. We are trying to get the little girls ready to do school. So we have started working with them a few hours a day . Then we will build up to longer each day..

Baby J cut his first two teeth the day before his birthday, which was July 16th. His birthday is July 17th. So he was not toothless for his big birthday. Yay baby J !!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Serbian Princesses our testing the boundaries!

Bella the Drama Queen!!
Chrissie , how beautiful

Mama and her two little princesses!!

Chrissie sitting in time out..

Bella is sleeping .. How can she do this..

Not sure which little Princess is spending more time , in time out. They both are testing the boundaries. Sometimes there is only one in time out, sometimes they are both there together. What better way to get into trouble than to spend time out together. Not so funny for them. Mom is not so easy to let them get by with being naughty. Now Dad will let a lot slide, but mom makes them tow the line.
Both little girls are getting used to each other. Yes, they are jealous of each other some of the time. But most of the time they are doing really well together.

All the other children are all loving having Chrissie join our family. They tend to like to spoil her, for some reason. Maybe because she is just to cute. Oh boy , Chrissie likes to give her Daddy hugs and kisses. Daddy really likes that , and he has been rocking his little girls to sleep at night. Sometimes they even stay awake to listen to a story ..
All of our children are doing very well!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Please don't judge !!

Please don't judge !! Unless you have walked a mile in there shoes..
This post was written by Lorraine Patterson:: Christyn Joy Pattersons Mama !!
She writes so well. Thank you Lorraine..I was looking for the right words for the same kind of post. But you have said it so well..So this is some of the post she has on her blog www.Allarepreciousinhissight.blogspot.com

I want to talk today about disrupted adoptions. Some of you may not even know what that means, and some of you may be way too familiar with this unlovely term. A disrupted adoption occurs when a family adopts a child(ren), either domestically or internationally, and after the adoption is finalized, the adoptive family decides that the adoption is not going to work (for whatever reason), so the adoptive family seeks to find a new home/family for their adopted child(ren). When the adoptive family finds a new family for their child(ren), it is handled as a private adoption, very similarly to the way that a pregnant mother decides to grant her baby a new life, a better life than what she can provide, by giving her baby up for adoption. Disrupted adoptions give adoptees a new shot at life, with a different family who might be able to better meet the child's needs. It is a legal adoption, handled privately (in most cases) between the previous adoptive family and the new adoptive family. Families are not paid, kids are not "sold". It is a legal adoption with a decision that is made in the best interest of the child between the original adoptive family and the new adoptive family.

It saddens me that many people place judgment upon adoption in general. When a young mom gets pregnant and chooses adoption instead of abortion, she will face judgment because others will see her tummy grow larger and place judgment upon her. When a woman is raped and chooses adoption instead of abortion, she will be judged as to why she chose to carry this baby and when she gives the baby up for adoption, those who don't know the baby was a product of rape will judge this capable mother and question why she gave her baby up. For adoptive moms who have poured their hearts, souls, resources, time, prayers, and given all that they have to their adopted child, yet nothing seems to work, she will be judged for giving up her child...or for giving up on her child....or for not loving her child...or whatever others want to think/say about the situation.

The fact is that God created all of us in His image. He created mothers to love their child(ren). It is not easy for any mother to give up her child, no matter what the situation. No matter if the mother is on drugs, is single and can't provide for a baby, is raped, is too young to properly care for a child, or perhaps the child is born with special needs, or maybe the mom is an adoptive mom whose child needs something different than what she can provide...it still HURTS to give up the child. It hurts more than any of us who have never been in their shoes will ever know. It is wrong for us to judge the situation and say what we would do if we were in her shoes. The fact is that if we've never been in the same shoes, we have NO idea what this mom feels. We have no idea what type of pain she is in. We have no business placing judgment (ever). We must come alongside the mother who is choosing life for her child, pray for her, encourage her, comfort her, and praise her for choosing life, especially in our culture today where choosing death is the norm.

With disrupted adoptions, it is HARD for others to understand how a child could possibly be on someone's home for a year, two years, three years, sometimes five or mome years, and then all of a sudden the adoptive family decides to "give up" and give the child to a new family. I assure you that because we've never lived in that specific family, we have no idea what that family has gone through that has brought them to a point of having to CHOOSE LIFE and give the child up for adoption to a new family. In most disrupted adoptions, the original adoptive family has worked around the clock to try to bring healing and hope to the child placed in their family. They try everything they know to help the child from reading adoptive books to researching disorders to praying around the clock to therapies to doctors to evaluations to medicines to clinics to residential treatment facilities...you name it, they've tried it.

But sometimes it's not enough.

Sometimes love is not enough.

Sometimes families have to make the hardest decision they'll ever face: to CHOOSE LIFE for their adoptive child by placing them into the loving hands of our Father God with faith that He has a family chosen for this adoptive child. This is His child. He has a plan to give this child a hope and a future, and sometimes, as painful as it may be, the original adoptive family was only meant to be for a season in this child's life. And the adoptive family loves the child enough to submit to God's will and CHOOSE LIFE for their child.

And I think that this courageous act should be praised instead of judged. I cannot think of anything more difficult than to CHOOSE LIFE for your child by giving him/her up for adoption.

Thank you to all of the families out there who have CHOSEN LIFE for your child. I admire your decision to put your child's needs above your own desires. I admire your ability to recognize that God intended you for a season in your child's life to deliver them on to LIFE. To have the courage to face judgment, when you could choose to hide from judgment through abortion or through keeping your child with you, even when you know that is not what is best for the child, for whatever reason. You did not fail your child. You provided your child with hope at a new life. A life that matters to Him. Thank you for having the courage to CHOOSE LIFE, in a culture of death. As cited in Deuteronomy 3, you have lived a heavy burden. Thank you for choosing to allow God the opportunity to make everything beautiful in its time. I am grateful for your pro-life decision, as you have brought blessings into our lives that we never would have known without your decision of LIFE over death. Thank you.

Deuteronomy 30:19-20a: See, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction. For I command you today to love the LORD your God, to walk in his ways, and to keep his commands, decrees and laws; then you will live and increase, and the LORD your God will bless you in the land you are entering to possess.

But if your heart turns away and you are not obedient, and if you are drawn away to bow down to other gods and worship them, I declare to you this day that you will certainly be destroyed. You will not live long in the land you are crossing the Jordan to enter and possess.

This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the LORD your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him. For the LORD is your life...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's a girl !!!

Poor little sweetie!!

What a beautful little girl !!

Mommy and her little angels!!

Daddy and the kiddos at the beach..

The two little trouble makers!!

Once upon a time: There was a little girl. She lived in an orphanage, and waiting for a family to come and get her. Well this little girl's new family went over the big pond, to Eastern Europe. They met and visited with her and adopted her into their family. This beautiful little girl had many unknown medical problems. She has had to have open heart surgery, yes that is a very major surgery. Then she has had tubes in her ears, tonsils and adnoids out.She was in a cast from her waist down for months to try and fix her hips. Her first family has worked very hard to help her with all of her medical. Thank God they have Insurance with the Military. That covered her medical bills. Her first family took her to O.T., P.T., S.T.They have worked hard and tried really hard to do everything they could for this little girl. We are very sad that they had to come to this point in there life . That they chose to disrupt their family. So please pray for them.

Yes, We are very happy to tell you all that we have a new addition to our family. It is a girl , she is 5 years old and yes, she does have down syndrome. Did i tell you she is a very beautiful little girl.We love her so much already. We are very excited to have this little girl in our family. We always wanted to adopt two littles one from Serbia, well guess what , she came from the same baby house or orphanage that our Bella came from. So now Bella has a sister from her counrty living with her. That is so awesome!! We all are doing good adjusting to the new normal. She fits in perfect.

Yes, Dad is very excited , he didn't have to fly over the big pond to get her. That was really a plus with Dad. So we took a little trip to Idaho to the beach, as the kiddos call it. We all had a great time. Ok back to our new addition..

We have chosen to name our new daughter after a very special little girl that also came from Serbia. I am sure most of you all have read about her and prayed for her and her family.

Her name is ~Christyn Joy Patterson~Chrissie~ She has taught us so much . We have prayed for her and her family for months. In memory of Chrissie Patterson we are naming our new daughter after her. Her and her family have inspired our whole family they have helped change all of us for the better. We are so Thankful we got to follow their journey to adopt Chrissie and really love her for the rest of her life. What a very beautiful family!!

Our new little girl is~ Christyn Joy Campbell~ We are so thankful too be adding her to our family. Now Bella will have a forever friend. We have prayed for this to happen for a long time.

We are very thankful to her first family for bringing her to America, and for taken care of her.

Until it was the perfect time for her to join our family . Only God knows when that perfect time will be..So the story for our family is just begining.. We welcome our new daughter to our family.

Welcome to the Campbell Family ~~ Chrissie~

We all love you very much already !!!!!

Yes , now we have 10 children . Yes , we love big families!! Not everybody understands big families. We love it!!!

Now it is the begining of our family of 10 children..

Fun at the beach !!

Maggie and Kenzie riding three wheeled bikes
Kenzie cruising around the R.V. park

Andrew, Deztany and Megan on the beach in Coeur d' Alene Idaho

Deztany, Andrew, Kenzie and Maggie playing in the water

Mom and Baby J. playing in the sand at the beach

We spent a few days near Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.The kiddos had a great time playing in the lake and playing in the sand on the beach. Jordon espically liked the sand because every time he picked up a handful he tried to eat it. It was a nice break for Mom and Dad also because we pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves so it was easy to keep track of all the kids.This is a very pretty area to visit and we will definitely be back.

A little vacation getaway !!

The kiddos at the beach in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

Maggie and her new found friend at the playground

The kiddos want Dad to build one of these at home

Lake Coeur d' Alene Resort

Mom's (Jody's) perferred mode of transportation
We took a much needed short vacation and headed west, eventually ending up at a very nice RV park near Coeur d' Alene Idaho. We have never spent much time in this area and we are glad we have discovered it. Our rv park was set in the trees and had lush beautiful lawns and flowers everywhere, it was very well kid oriented, they had two different playgrounds, canoe rentals, three wheeled bike rentals and many other activities to keep all the kiddos busy and it was nice for the kids to meet other kids from all over the country.Mom and Dad also enjoyed it, we were in the trees and it was a very rustic type setting but with all the comforts of home, espically the slower layed back lifestyle that we enjoy so much.Hopefully we were able to recharge our batteries after the busy past two months. If you are ever in this part of the country we highly recommend you spend some time here it is very much worth the trip.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Baby J !!

Happy Birthday to you !! Happy Birthday to you !!Baby J we sure hope you have a wonderful day.You are such a sweet little guy. God was so good to us when we got you!! You are such a gift to us, we all love you so much.
Daddy , Mommy and all your family love you very much!!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Folk Festival today !!

Dez , wanted to go to the Folk Festival today for part of her birthday. It was pretty neat to see so many people here. The music was different, but good. They had lots and lot of food venders.

All the kiddos had a good time. It was pretty hot out for all of us , so yes then we got to walk in the rain . Boy that was refreshing. Nice way to cool off.
This was the first time we have been to the Folk Festival and we all had a good time .. Did i say there where many many people here .. Oh boy , i have never seen this many people in our town before. They all looked like they were enjoying themselves..

Happy 10th Birthday Dez !!

Big sister Amber , thought baby J really needed this piece of cake. He really did like it.

Dez, waiting for all the family to sing Happy Birthday to her..

Dez opening her gifts!! She was so excited!! She even got cash, oh boy now she wants to go spend it..
We sure hope you had a great birthday Dez!! We all love you very much !!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July !!!

Megan all dressed up for the parade.
Mama's boy !

Kenzie and Adien !

Auntie Linda and baby J ~

Megan and Bella got a new room.

Who is watching who!!! Looks like Bella is watching Daddy and Jordon..
Megans new car bed, her little bug..

This is part of the other side of the little girls room.

Megan and our grandson Adien checking out the new room..

Bella's new car bed,how cute is that.. Bella slept really good in her new bed last hight. Bella and Megan love there new room. It is so colorful .. Now we just need to find some curtains to match..
Mom and Megan worked hard on re-doing there room. We had maybe 10 different cans of paint in there room.. It was lots of fun..
We love you little girls!!

Face lift on the outside of our house!!

We are getting a face lift on the outside of our house. We got a new roof, then new rain gutters. Now we are painting and repainting the outside. We have had some help with all of this. One guy from the construction company , that did our new roof has been coming back and paiting way up high on our house for me~Jody. We are so greatful that this guy would take the time and come back and help us. God new i needed some help with all the painting.. That you God for sending me some help!!
The gutter guys!! They are very quick and do a great job!!

Putting up the new gutters.

Jamey, he has been helping us painting the outside of our house. What an angel he has been.

So so glad i never had to get back up there to paint..Thank you so much Jamey!!!