Sunday, July 4, 2010

Face lift on the outside of our house!!

We are getting a face lift on the outside of our house. We got a new roof, then new rain gutters. Now we are painting and repainting the outside. We have had some help with all of this. One guy from the construction company , that did our new roof has been coming back and paiting way up high on our house for me~Jody. We are so greatful that this guy would take the time and come back and help us. God new i needed some help with all the painting.. That you God for sending me some help!!
The gutter guys!! They are very quick and do a great job!!

Putting up the new gutters.

Jamey, he has been helping us painting the outside of our house. What an angel he has been.

So so glad i never had to get back up there to paint..Thank you so much Jamey!!!

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