Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The little ones!!

Baby J eating spagetti and loving it..
Bella , telling me about the dinner. Or she is trying to anyway..

Bella eating her spagetti dinner. Yes, Bella can eat some regular foods, not just baby foods .She just is pretty stubborn and will eat regular foods on her terms only..Bella is very head strong. I guess that is why she fits in perfect in our family...

Baby J~ Eating his dinner. We let him use his fingers and then Bella had to try it also. Oh what a mess they both made. Oh well they had a good time of it..

Baby J feeding himself. J is doing awesome and Bella is learning new things from him. I hope she will learn to have some patience..Bella when she wants something she wants it yesterday..
Bella loves to tease~ she will laugh and laugh when she does something to make you made , or that you have told her not to do..She loves to fight with mom. This makes her really happy. Doesn't make mom to happy ..But she is learning new things every day..Potty training is going fairly well. We are still working on it.
Baby J ~ Can say Dada, Nana, Mama, and baba. J calls me Nana most of the time. That is what some of our grandchildren call me. So he has chosen to call me nana also. I sure hope he will start calling me Mama all the time. I am just glad he is babbling and saying some words
All in all the littles are doing great!!!

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