Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 14th~ Two birthday parties in one day!!

Happy Birthday ~Natalie amd Greggy!!!!
Camren all dressed up and ready to party..
Bella at the 2nd birthday party of the day. Oh what fun they all had , dressing up in there cowgirl ~cowboy clothes.They had fun games to play and the birthday girl ~ Natalie ~ looked so adorable, all dressed up and ready to party.

Aubrey, all dressed up for the cowgirl~ cowboy party..

Fun at the bowling alley..

Oh what fun~~First , it was cousin Greggy's birthday party. He had everyone go bowling. The kiddos and adults had lots of fun bowling. They also got to have pizza, cake and a very tasty veggie tray. Grandma is trying to help the children learn how to bowl. Good luck Grandma..

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