Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fixing up the house

We were all singing ~ rain rain go away.

The guys working hard to get the roof done.

This was the mess from tearing the old roofing off..Lots of nails. But the kiddos had a great time finding all of them. We don't want any in there little feet.

We have been working around our house and having some work done for us as well.

The house got a new roof. But not with out some rain and some things getting wet. I had some things stored in one of our attic's. They got wet and lots had to be thrown away.

Oh well God was telling us to purge~ and maybe we were not moving fast enough. So we did get some things cleaned out . Then we got the rest of the things in totes.
Roof is all done , now we are just waiting on Jody to get the house repaited and the guys will come in and put new gutters on the house .
We still need to purge more things from our house.. Not sure when that will happen.
But i will try soon , so we can get in on the big yard sale in our neighborhood.

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