Friday, June 4, 2010

First kiss and how to help children with FAS/FAE!

Bella in her and Megans little nook..
Megan and Bella .
Daddy's little fishing buddy!!! Jordon, look at him . He can sit pretty well now. Now to get him to crawl..

First kiss::: Jordon and Aubrey, what a kiss.. I just love this picture. They look so adorable!!

Jordon with a hat on , when w ewere at Target shopping. His auntie Linda and big sister Kenzie were trying hats on him. He is such a good sport..
All the kiddos are doing very well.We have been working hard with the children for them to learn lots of new prayers. We have been having an hour every night to read them out loud. Plus the children write the prayers during the day to learn them and work on good penmanship. This is going pretty well, all but Dez. Dez has had three very hard days.She has been sceaming and crying and not wanting to do any thing she is told. That even counts with her school work. To say the last fee days have been very tough. Is an understatement. It is really hard to listen to Dez all day sceaming and will not behave. She will not do any thing she is told to do. That means that the last 72 hours have been very long, and dificult.. This all comes from the great affects of FAS/FAE. BOY WOULD I LOVE TO TAKE THEM AFFECTS AWAY FOR HER AND FOR ALL OF US... Today is much better, Dez is back to being her normal self. She is doing her school work and now she is listening. But boy how hard them days van be , when she is having many melt downs. I just want to take the little kiddos and go and hide some where quiet.. Even just for a few hours. Some days that would be great. We have listen to Dez sceam for almost 10 years now!! Please God ~ help Dez to stop screaming, and help her behave ...
All the other kiddos are going to have to learn to where ear plugs..

Now for some quiet time~~ We hope!!
Can anybody give us some new ways to work with Dez that might help her.???
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