Sunday, May 23, 2010

The mountains of Montana.

This is why we live in Montana!! We love the mountains !!! We love to go camping and being in the mountains. It is very peaceful to be out in the mountains ..No better place to live..

The family on our trip!!

Dez and Jordon

Daddy and Jordy Jo

Kenzie, Bella,Dad and Jordon

Megan is missing both top front teeth now. How cute is that...She pulled the front tooth all by herself..

The eagle at Yellowstone park

Animals at the RV park

This was in the R.V. Park. We had such and awesome time . To bad we couldn't be on vacation all the time..Wouldn't that be fun??

More animals in the park

Buffalo crossing the river..

Oh what a nice little family!!!

Got milk !!!

Just having a drink..
Elk eating the grass..

Pictures from Yellowstone National Park

Baby buffalo playing close to momma.

This baby buffalo was chasing a bird. It was really neat to watch him or her play.

All the little ones taking a nap!!
We love to go to Yellowstone in May. You get to see all the new babies born . The park is quiet, so travel is easy.. We make many stops to see the animals, and many stops to the potty houses.. I think our children just like to check out the pottys..

Yellowstone National Park

Bull Elk just enjoying the day!!
Bull Elk, oh so beautiful to look at.

Shaggey looking buffalo, they are loosing there winter coats..

Elk eating the grass..

Small heard of elk , in the campground in Mammoth.
We had an awesome short vacation~ school field trip. We left on Wednesday, headed to Yellowstone National Park. We stayed at the camp ground in Gardiner, Mt , it was really nice. They have a mini golf course, small log cabins to rent, and a really nice little gift shop. Yes , i had to stay out of the gift shop . They have lots of moose and bear decorations, sweatshirts, and lots more neat items.
That i was sure i couldn't live without. But i finally braved it and Megan and I went in to take a look , guess what, we didn;t even buy anything. I couldn't find anything i couldn't live without.
On to our trip in the park. We always have a great time in the park. We got to see many animals, some were to fast to get a picture of . Like this fox, it was standing on the side of the road, until we seen it , then it took off in the trees. So way to fast for me to get the camera out and get a picture.
We got many pictures of the buffalo and their cute little babies. we watched this one baby for a while, it was chasing a bird. It was really neat seeing this little buffalo play. Then off we went to find more animals. Not to long and we came across some more buffalo and elk. They like to eat down by the river. It is so neat to just sit and watch them. We also got to see a black bear, but it was not close enough to get a picture with my camera. We did get it on the camcorder. They was also a grizzly and 4 cubs, many people watching these. We couldn't get a space to park in to go get a look at these. Maybe next trip. On down the road we went , and we got to see an Eagle in its nest. We did get some pictures of it.I will post more pictures..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bella and Deztany enjoying the ride.
A cute little hitch hiker , hugging Megan..

Our little hitch hiker , our grandson and me~Jody`

Our grandson , giving Papa a big hug and birthday wishes..

All ready to go on our little vacation. A few miner delays, and half a days wait. But we are on our way.

Chrissie is dancing with Jesus!!!

This little Serbian Princess went to heaven yesterday to dance and sing with Jesus. CHRISSIE fought a good fight for 31 days. If you remember Chrissie had heart surgery and her lungs were pretty bad. Chrissie was 4 years old!!

Yesterday , like everyday , i get up and first thing check on Chrissie and her mom Lorraine. I check to see if they had a nice quiet night , no major set backs. Boy was i caught off guard, when i checked yesterday and Chrissie's mom , had on her family blog that Chrissie is dancing with Jesus now. Oh i was so shocked, i had been awake many times that night praying for Chrissie to be all better so she could dance again. We never had the pleasure of meeting Chrissie or her mom in person. But oh did this family leave a very big impact on our lives. Lorraine is very spirtual, we loved reading everything she had to write. We so loved when she prayed over Chrissie to boss your heart and lungs. Boss them and tell them to work. Chrissie loved to be the boss. She is so beautiful , we will all miss her so much.
Chrissie's mom Lorraine has really inspired us , to teach our children more about God. We are working on adding that as one of our homeschool classes. We are teaching them more prayers. We have made them little prayer books to read at night. They all really like to say their prayers.

Lorraine had a post about the Maxwell Family~ . They are a really neat family and have many books to read, and to teach our children. Go to there web site and check it out... We have bought 9 books from them . and they shipp them out very quickly.

To the Patterson family~ We are truly so so sorry for your loss of beautiful little Chrissie, she and your family have inspired all of us to be better people.. Thank you for sharing your family with all of us!!

You can click on Chrissie's picture on the side , and it will take you to there family blog.
Please say a prayer for the Patterson Family!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Gary (Dad)!!!

Daddy and Baby Jordon he has gotten very big and is now starting to sit up!!
Daddy and Jordon Jordon loves kisses!!!

Dad Jordon and Adien!!

Happy birthday to Dad (Gary)!!!!. Today is Gary's (Dad's) 46th Birthday!!! Just wnna let you know we love you so much!!
Today we went to Gardener Mt to go to Yellowstone National Park. We are going to go in to the park tommorrow and go see the Animals! On the way here we saw Buffalo, Elk, and Deer we got our new Camper trailer and we love it! But up Homestake hill the lights on the outside of the trailer stopped work... BUT NO FEAR SUPER DAD IS HERE!!!! and he did get the lights working again!

We will post more tomorrow!
Posed BY Kenzie

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spring cleaning!!

We have been doing lots of spring cleaning lately, reorganizing the whole house and garage. It is going to be very nice the next few days so we are trying to make plans for outdoor activities with the kiddos. We are trying to get our new camp trailer ready to go for the summer and we hope to get lots of use out of it.We have had a very cool and wet April and first part of May, and now we are having some warm temperatures so everyone is getting spring fever. The nice thing is we are able to get the children outside using up all their built up energy. Got to get going and enjoy the sunshine for now, because by the afternoon it might be snowing.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day !!

The girls..
Baby J sporting his new hat!!
This one is for you auntie Linda!! See all my rolls..

Yes, i love to eat, and am such a happy boy...

Momma and her little ones!

Happy Mother's Day to all Mother's., and to those who are trying to be a first time mom.
It is very special being a mom.. I love being a mom and having nine children. My dream is to have 12~ yes a dozen children. Not sure that will happen, but it is so great being a mom .. I wouldn't trade this job for anything .. I love watching our children grow and learn . Each one of them is so special in there own way.
We had a wonderful day today. The children worked so hard to clean and get the house in order. That was really awesome of them. Also my wonderful hubby has been getting up with baby J on the week ends and letting me get some sleep. That was very sweet of him. Most nights i spend many hours rocking baby J, trying to get him to go back to sleep. He was sleeping all night , untill he got pretty sick and had to have breathing treatments every 3 hours. Now he thinks momma is suppose to rock him all night long. Yes, momma loves to rock him and just sit and look at him. He is so sweet and handsome. What a special present ,God gave us. Actually he gaves us 9 special presents, and a wonderful hubby to go with them. What more could i ask for... Ok: maybe 3 more littles ones, with a special extra chromosome.. I will need to pray really hard for that to happen.

Thank you all for a very wonderful day !!!!
LOve you all, Mom