Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The little ones!!

Baby J eating spagetti and loving it..
Bella , telling me about the dinner. Or she is trying to anyway..

Bella eating her spagetti dinner. Yes, Bella can eat some regular foods, not just baby foods .She just is pretty stubborn and will eat regular foods on her terms only..Bella is very head strong. I guess that is why she fits in perfect in our family...

Baby J~ Eating his dinner. We let him use his fingers and then Bella had to try it also. Oh what a mess they both made. Oh well they had a good time of it..

Baby J feeding himself. J is doing awesome and Bella is learning new things from him. I hope she will learn to have some patience..Bella when she wants something she wants it yesterday..
Bella loves to tease~ she will laugh and laugh when she does something to make you made , or that you have told her not to do..She loves to fight with mom. This makes her really happy. Doesn't make mom to happy ..But she is learning new things every day..Potty training is going fairly well. We are still working on it.
Baby J ~ Can say Dada, Nana, Mama, and baba. J calls me Nana most of the time. That is what some of our grandchildren call me. So he has chosen to call me nana also. I sure hope he will start calling me Mama all the time. I am just glad he is babbling and saying some words
All in all the littles are doing great!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fixing up the house

We were all singing ~ rain rain go away.

The guys working hard to get the roof done.

This was the mess from tearing the old roofing off..Lots of nails. But the kiddos had a great time finding all of them. We don't want any in there little feet.

We have been working around our house and having some work done for us as well.

The house got a new roof. But not with out some rain and some things getting wet. I had some things stored in one of our attic's. They got wet and lots had to be thrown away.

Oh well God was telling us to purge~ and maybe we were not moving fast enough. So we did get some things cleaned out . Then we got the rest of the things in totes.
Roof is all done , now we are just waiting on Jody to get the house repaited and the guys will come in and put new gutters on the house .
We still need to purge more things from our house.. Not sure when that will happen.
But i will try soon , so we can get in on the big yard sale in our neighborhood.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy 20th Anniversary Gary !!!

Thank you for the greatest 20 years !!!

You are the most amazing and loving husband and father. I feel so lucky to have you as my husband.. You are the most patient husband and father. I am very blessed, with a wonderful husband, nine children , and eight grandchildren and one more on the way. God is good!

Thank you Gary for always being here for me. Even when it is not so easy. We have been blessed with many many fun times. Yes there has been really trying times, but you have always been there to comfort and help me as well as the children through tough times. We work very well together.


Happy 20th Anniversary Gary!!!

I sure hope and pray we have many many more years together...

Love always and forever~~~ Jody

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day !!!

Happy Father's day Daddy aka~Gary!!

We all love you so much!! You are the best and most awesome dad..We are so glad you are our daddy. You have the biggest heart and love us all so much .. We sure hope you had a great day ..

Happy Father's day to the most awesome husband every. You are so special to all of us. Thank you so much for being such an awesome daddy to all of our children.. We love you!!!Your family

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy 4th birthday Natalie !!

Aubrey riding her horse..
Birthday cowgirl Natalie.. What a sweetie!!

Megan, Aubrey and Natalie having agreat time at the party..

Grandma and Jordon riding the horse..

Natalie waiting to start the games at her party. What a fun day. All the kiddos had so much fun...We love you Natalie!!!

June 14th~ Two birthday parties in one day!!

Happy Birthday ~Natalie amd Greggy!!!!
Camren all dressed up and ready to party..
Bella at the 2nd birthday party of the day. Oh what fun they all had , dressing up in there cowgirl ~cowboy clothes.They had fun games to play and the birthday girl ~ Natalie ~ looked so adorable, all dressed up and ready to party.

Aubrey, all dressed up for the cowgirl~ cowboy party..

Fun at the bowling alley..

Oh what fun~~First , it was cousin Greggy's birthday party. He had everyone go bowling. The kiddos and adults had lots of fun bowling. They also got to have pizza, cake and a very tasty veggie tray. Grandma is trying to help the children learn how to bowl. Good luck Grandma..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bella and her two favorite guys!!

Bella with her two guys~Daddy and big brother Jake..
Daddy , Bella , Jake and Kenzie enjoying the sun..

Bella not wanting to leave go of her big brother Jake..

Bella was pretty mad by now, she was not going to leave go of Jake..

Bella ~ Very happy now , she has big brother all to herself.. Bella misses her big brother as you can see. She doesn't want to let go of him.She truly is very happy with Jake, and would just hang on him all day long . So cute!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Birthday party for Megan!

Megan and her BFF~Jenna playing ring around the rosie.. They have so much fun together..
Our daughter Amber and her son ~ our grandson Camren. How cute .

Bella in her dress up dress. Megan wanted everybody to wear costumes for her birthday party. She loves to play dress up. So this is what she wanted for her party.

All of the kiddos and dad~aka, Papa all dressed up ,and having lots of fun. Yes, even Jordon got to dress up.

Megan got to have two birthday parties this year. It was her golden birthday and she is one special little Princess. Turning`7~seven ~ is very important don't you think..Well for us and Megan it is. Megan had a very tough birth and then she was born with two holes in her heart . They have closed all by them selves. She has done so very wonderful. We truly love this little ~ big girl. She is such a blessing to our family.We were so blessed to get Megan at seven ~7~ days old. She was a tiny little baby. Megan was about 5lbs 5 oz maybe when we got her. She was so tiny and loved to scream and cry all the time.She had to have mom hold her all of the time. She was hooked to mom 24/7. If not she was crying very loud. She still follows mom all the time and if she can not see mom then she will be screaming for mom.
Happy 7th Birthday on the 7th Megan Jodi!!!!We love you so much!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Megan!!

Bella with her big brother Jake. Bella loves Jake and misses him so much. She did not want to let go of him.. She was so happy to see him and hold him. She was not going to leave go of him..Jake is working and living 3 hours away from us . So Bella doesn't get to see her big brother very much anymore. Jake lived with us for awhile after his car wreck, so Bella got to see him everyday. So she really misses him. But was very excited to be able to see him and spend some time holding on to him.. Jake , Bella is sending kisses to you!!
We traveled for 3 hours to get to Billings so we could go see big Brother Jake and his family..Megan's niece and BFF. What a week end .. We all went to God Father's Pizza , for a great Taco pizza. Oh it was so good. We no longer have a God Fater's Pizza in Butte.

Dad pushing baby J, after he got his monkey at build a bear..

The kiddos getting there bears stuffed.Then to pick out clothes for there new kids.

Megan got the best present of all!! She got to go get and spend much needed time with her BFF. That would be her niece~Jenna. They love to be with each other , and there favorite thing to do is . You quessed it SHOP..These two love to go shopping.. So off they went.
It was lots of fun for all the kiddos to go to build a bear. They love their new kids. They all would have liked to get many outfits for their kids , but mom said oh no. The cost gets pretty high , when you need to buy 6 or more of each.
After the mall, we all went to eat pizza. They kiddos got to play games , then it was off to do more shopping. This time at Target. We love to shop at Target. The little BFF'S had such a good time. Then to the motels to get 9 children to go to sleep.. Fat chance, not one of the kiddos really wanted to go to sleep. They still had lots of energy to use up. But oh we big people needed to sleep. So it was time to get the kiddos to be quiet and all get some much needed sleep..
This was only the start to Megan's 7th burthday..This was June 5th AND 6th.
Megan's 7th birthday is June 7th, so this was her golden birthday. What a special birthday it is. We try to celebrate big for golden birthday's .. Megan we love you so much. Megan was mommy's little Princess for 51/2 years, until we brought Bella home . Then she had to share mommy with Princess Bella. Two little Princesses in the house. Oh my... Then our little Prince Jordon . What a little love bug he is. We love them all dearly...

Friday, June 4, 2010

First kiss and how to help children with FAS/FAE!

Bella in her and Megans little nook..
Megan and Bella .
Daddy's little fishing buddy!!! Jordon, look at him . He can sit pretty well now. Now to get him to crawl..

First kiss::: Jordon and Aubrey, what a kiss.. I just love this picture. They look so adorable!!

Jordon with a hat on , when w ewere at Target shopping. His auntie Linda and big sister Kenzie were trying hats on him. He is such a good sport..
All the kiddos are doing very well.We have been working hard with the children for them to learn lots of new prayers. We have been having an hour every night to read them out loud. Plus the children write the prayers during the day to learn them and work on good penmanship. This is going pretty well, all but Dez. Dez has had three very hard days.She has been sceaming and crying and not wanting to do any thing she is told. That even counts with her school work. To say the last fee days have been very tough. Is an understatement. It is really hard to listen to Dez all day sceaming and will not behave. She will not do any thing she is told to do. That means that the last 72 hours have been very long, and dificult.. This all comes from the great affects of FAS/FAE. BOY WOULD I LOVE TO TAKE THEM AFFECTS AWAY FOR HER AND FOR ALL OF US... Today is much better, Dez is back to being her normal self. She is doing her school work and now she is listening. But boy how hard them days van be , when she is having many melt downs. I just want to take the little kiddos and go and hide some where quiet.. Even just for a few hours. Some days that would be great. We have listen to Dez sceam for almost 10 years now!! Please God ~ help Dez to stop screaming, and help her behave ...
All the other kiddos are going to have to learn to where ear plugs..

Now for some quiet time~~ We hope!!
Can anybody give us some new ways to work with Dez that might help her.???
Please leave us a comment or e-mail me @ jngcampbell9@msn dot com

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Dollar Adoption Challenge!!

My friend Elizabeth is having a one dollar adoption challenge.. They need your prayers also. They have a little one they are praying about.. Yes , that would be to adopt.But adoption is not cheap.. It costs a lot of money to adopt. But when you love children , the cost only stands in the way!! So can you pray for my friend and her family. Then if it is in your heart can you spare a dollar?? It will be put to good use. What better way to spend a dollar. To help a child have a for ever family.

As you know adoption is very dear to our hearts.. We love all children, no matter what color or special need. We have 6 adopted children and we love them just the same as our home grown children. If we had lots of money we would adopt many more children..

I am asking you to pray , then maybe go and donate a dollar to Elizabeth's one dollar adoption challenge..

The Challenge simply works like this- pray about giving. Obviously, we pray that each person who reads this blog will donate $1. $1 is all we ask. Really. We have seen $s multiply like crazy when prayer accompanies the donation. We also urge you to share our challenge where you hang out whether it be your blog, facebook, email.

Consider this- if you donate $1 and share this post with 10 people who also donate $1, that's $11 in a moment. And I promise you will NOT miss that dollar! $1-that's one item from the Dollar Spot at Target!! How often do we snatch up one item from the Dollar Spot without even thinking twice? Can't each of us give up that $1 item in order to save a child's life?
The chip in button is on my side bar, if you would like to donate. Also pass it on . On your blog or facebook. Please help this family bring a little one home soon!!!!
Check out their blog ~