Thursday, May 28, 2009

~Touched by Adoption~

This is Seth giving daddy a big kiss.... Oh how we wish now that we could have brought him home when we were in his country the first time.. We would be enjoying him at home now then. Taking him camping and fishing and traveling to Yellowstone Park and all the other places we will travel... These will also be Bella's first camping trips and to Yellowstone also. We can't wait to take her with us on all of our travels this summer. She loves being outside , so she will have so much fun being a part of our family. We are very busy all the time and love to go fishing , camping, and traveling to the zoo's in Idaho and Utah.. The children have so much fun , but i think Gary and i have more fun than the children . We get to watch and see how happy they are to go places and see new things ...
We love all of our children and feel so so blessed, thank you God!!

Help bring Seth home!!!! We are selling ~Touched by Adoption braclets and many other kinds also.. This is to help bring Seth home... If you feel lead to help us, you can check the braclets out at our fundrasier blog~

Touched by Adoption braclets are 5.00 each. all other braclets are 3.00 each or 2 for 5.00. So take a look and see if you would like some braclets.. The kids love these braclets, so they would make cute gifts ... For anyone who would like to support adoption~ The touched by adoption braclets are awesome, to help spread the word about adoption...

Adoption has changed our lives so much, we have been so blessed by all the children we have cared for and for all of our adopted children.. Yes, we are also blessed with 3 homegrown children also, they are adults now... So we get to enjoy our adopted children and of course our grandchildren now...

We also have lots of fleece blankets left to sell in anyone is still interested in them . Let me know i will put some pictures of them up... They are great for orphanage donations, the children love them . They are so snuggle~~

Thank you to the people who have purchased braclets so far!!!

Also thank you to all who have just giving funds to help... We so appreciate all of the kindness that is shown to us.. We have met some really nice people so far on our adoption journey's. Both domestic and international adoptions. Yes, we feel so blessed to have such a big family.. Gary and i always wanted lots of children.. We love our house busy all the time, and look at the bright side. We will never have to go through EMPTY NEST SYNDROME!!!! Yes yes, we are so happy for that... We would like to have a house full of children forever.....

We have many different special needs with our children, but when we added Bella to the bunch. We learned a whole new love, up syndrome is so awesome.. Bella is so sweet yet , she is a stinker also. She fits in perfect with all of our children. Even our homegrown children loved to tease each other. Bella also loves to tease the other children.. We love all of our children so much!!!!!

We can't wait to bring Seth home, he will also be loved very very much. We hope to see him soon, sending hugs and kisses to you Seth.. Until we can give you hugs and kisses ourselves....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Getting ready for Seth!!!

This is Andrews side of the room. and below is Seth's side of the room. I painted the walls and our daughter Amber hand painted the designs on the walls. She does an awesome job. Thanks Amber..
This is the room i worked on all week end. It looks so cool. I can't wait to see it with all the furniture in it...

This is Megans favorite part of the room. She justed loved how the walls and the door looked...

This is the room before i started painting. Boy what a difference. I love lots of color...I sure hope she enjoys her room..

We have been very busy getting things together to help bring Seth home. His room is ready , he just needs a dresser. We will find one this summer.. We wired our translation fee today. So now our dossier can get translated. Then it gets turned into the Ministry Officials. Yay Yay, we are that much closer to bringing Seth home. He is such a sweet little boy. I know he will be very loved by all of our family...
We are selling ~Touched by adoption~ braclets. Kenzie and Megan do very well at this. So do their aunties Linda & Maddy, they are selling lots of braclets for us also. Thank you aunties!!!

Mom~Jody ~spent the week end working at our neighbors house. I painted our neighbors daughters bedroom. Her daughter spends a lot of time at our house , with our children.. She got to pick her own colors, and they do look awesome together...

Friday, May 22, 2009

~Our dossier made it to E.E. ~

Yes, Our dossier made it to E.E. today, hopefully it is in the hands of our facilitator. Then it gets translated and turned into the Ministry Officials.. Then we wait to get a travel date..

We pray it is soon. We have already met our son , when we were there to adopt our daughter. He was so loving on Gary ` Daddy`, so i really think he will be happy to see us again.Maybe if he remembers.. Not sure , But we sure remember him amd his beautiful smile..We are so excited to be able to go back to get him..I also can't wait to see the children and give them a hug..They are all so cute and need some love ~hugs``and kisses~.

We are not sure if we will travel in June or if it will be in Sept..But we are getting ready for that big trip once again.. We get to see the lovely sights again and i hope to add more sights to my list of things to do there...We will spend a lot of time walking and sight seeing...

Thank you all for the nice comments!!! We love to hear from you all.. Alice , yes we met Milos.. You can e-mail me ,

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Papper baby dossier

Our dossier~ aka~ paper baby, is in Paris.It will be in E.E. tomorrow and delivered to our facilitator. Then it will get translated and turned in to the Ministry officials.. Then we wait for a travel date..

Seth we will be coming to get you soon..Sending hugs to you..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sent our dossier to E.E. to get our son home!!!

Yes , We sent out our dossier today to E.E., for Seth. We have everything done now. Dossier , I171H approval and we stopped in at the USCIS office today to make sure. We also had to write a letter for USCIS of what the changes will be in our up dated home study.. They will get there copy tomorrow.. We are so excited to be waiting now for a travel date to get our little guy home.. Also today is Gary's birthday, what a present for him. To be able to sent in our dossier for a son... He is very excited also.. Say a prayer that we don't have to wait to long to travel...
Our facilitator sent us an e-mail, yesterday saying that we should travel sooner than we planned..

SETH~We hope to see you soon!! Sending our love and hugs to you Seth....

~Happy Birthday Gary~aka~Daddy~

Happy Birthday Gary!!!!!! We all love you very much !!! We hope you have a great day...

What better news could we have got for your birthday... Yes , we got news from our wonderful facilitator yesterday. That it seems we will be traveling much sooner than we thought.. She as already talked to the Ministry Lawyer, we need to get all our dossier to her A.S.A.P. we hope we can get it all sent out to her today.. Then we will be working hard on getting things done her before we will travel, to get our new son.. Seth is a very happy and smiley little guy, who we can't wait to give a big hug to him.So that was pretty awesome to get good news from over the pond..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Please check out our adoption fundraising blog~

Go to
we have silicone braclets for sale. They have different sayings on them~ soon we will have braclets that say~ TOUCHED BY ADOPTION~ These braclets we will sell for 5.00 each.All other braclets will be selling for $ 3.00 each or 2 for $ 5.00. CHECK OUT OUR FUNDRAISING BLOG~

Adoption news!! We are waiting for our homestudy to be notarized and overnighted to us. We have all of our dossier notarized and waiting to go to get apostilled. We are praying we can do that on Friday this week . Then we will ship our paper baby over the pond.. Then the waiting will officially start for us. We will be very busy getting everything done and ready to travel to bring our newest family memeber home... He is so adorable we can't wait to see his smiling face again.
Sending lots of hugs & kisses his way~

We are hosting the Serbian Officials on Thursday!!!!

To our surprise this morning in the news paper..We are so happy for this to be happening..

Monday, May 11, 2009

Homestudy visit today!!!

We had our homestudy visit today, with a very nice lady from the adoption agency we are using.
She had to travel 41/2 hours to get to our house and visit 2 or more hours, then she had to travel 41/2 hours back home. We are so glad she is going to work very hard to get our homestudy up date done this week. We are praying we have all our dossier done by the end of the week. Then we can ship our dossier out ...Then it will be time to wait for that great travel date...Seth we are working very quickly to get everything done to bring you home. Seth's room is ready and the bed is made. We will get more clothes for him when we get close to traveling to bring him home...

Vicky~Zactly~i need your e-mail addy... Then i can answer your??

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Bella standing up playing cars with her sisters and brother..

Deztany and Bella going down the slide at the park,and daddy making sure they don;t fall..
Bella swinging~ she loves it.
Look Bella is so happy to be in that swing.. She doesn't like to get out of the swing when it is time to leave.. She gets mad

Happy Mother;s Day!!

We had a great day today.We took the children to the park, they love to be able to play on new swing sets . They got to play for a little bit, then it was a little cold with the wind. So we headed to get some lunch and go home to eat.
We had grandma weezy~ jody's mom over for dinner and also had 7 of our 8 children home for dinner for Mother;s day. It was very nice to have most of the children here for dinner..I also got some nice gifts for Mother;s day. So thank you so much for all the gifts.
My newest gift for Mother;s day was Bella~Magdalena` and she was very happy to have me as her mother. I got the cutest lick kisses today from Bella , it is so cute when she kisses...Just can't get enough of the lick kisses..So thank you Bella Faith~.

Seth we are praying everything goes smooth for your adoption...We would love to get you home soon.. Sending hugs and kisses to you....Dad & Mom & brothers and sisters...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A donation and a yard sale..

We got an un expected donation today.. Our neighbor , from next door came over to play with the children. She comes to play all the time and we all love her so.. But today she brought something with her. She handed me an envelope and said it was from her grandma and grandpa.. I opened it up and there was a check in there for Bringing Seth home in the amount of 75.00 dollars. We are so greatful to them for thinking of us and of helping to bring Seth home. Thank you so much for the gift, that was a very nice surprise.. Our neighbors are always trying to help us with what ever we need .. But they really like to help with our adoptions to bring our special children home...

We are also planning a yard sale for June5th and 6th at our daughters house. We are taking donations for the yard sale , if you have anything you would like to donate just let us know. We would be glad to pick things up.. Our neighbors are donating a lot to our yard sale. Thank God we live in Pleasant ville.. That's what Gary calls our neighborhood~Pleasantville....

We have been busy trying to get lots of stuff ready for the yard sale. I love it ,maybe i will get the house cleaned out and have a lot less stuff all over it..HaHa ~ Yes , i am parting with lots of toys. I know that is hard to believe, i am the one that collects all the toys.. So it is hard for me to get rid of them. But i am doing it.

All the kiddos are doing great~ they are all so excited to be getting things done to bring Seth home.. Andrew can't wait to have a brother close to his age to share a room with.. Plus he is getting a new look in his room and new beds. So that is pretty awesome for him...

I also think they will be pretty close in size so they can share clothes. That would be great...

Well gotta go for now.. Lots to do~

Friday, May 1, 2009

Andrew and Seth look a lot a like..

Our son Andrew and new son to be look so much a like.. We sure hope they will get a long great.. Andrew has been waiting and waiting to get a brother to play with.

We are working on the boys room.. Mom painted it orange and blue. Big sister Amber is drawing and painting basketballs and baseballs and bats on the walls. It is really looking very awesome..
When that is finished we will go get new beds and get the room all set up for both boys..
I still need to re wax the floors, they are hardwood floors and they look great..

I will post a picture when we get it done...Talk about pictures we got a few new ones of Seth, i sure wish we could share them with you all. But we can;t for now... Maybe sometime soon..

We are all praying for a quick and smooth adoption of Seth... Everybody is so excited to bring Seth home...

Have a great week end everyone...