Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Bella standing up playing cars with her sisters and brother..

Deztany and Bella going down the slide at the park,and daddy making sure they don;t fall..
Bella swinging~ she loves it.
Look Bella is so happy to be in that swing.. She doesn't like to get out of the swing when it is time to leave.. She gets mad

Happy Mother;s Day!!

We had a great day today.We took the children to the park, they love to be able to play on new swing sets . They got to play for a little bit, then it was a little cold with the wind. So we headed to get some lunch and go home to eat.
We had grandma weezy~ jody's mom over for dinner and also had 7 of our 8 children home for dinner for Mother;s day. It was very nice to have most of the children here for dinner..I also got some nice gifts for Mother;s day. So thank you so much for all the gifts.
My newest gift for Mother;s day was Bella~Magdalena` and she was very happy to have me as her mother. I got the cutest lick kisses today from Bella , it is so cute when she kisses...Just can't get enough of the lick kisses..So thank you Bella Faith~.

Seth we are praying everything goes smooth for your adoption...We would love to get you home soon.. Sending hugs and kisses to you....Dad & Mom & brothers and sisters...

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Zactly said...

Hi Jody,
I don't think you have posted this info. I was wondering where you are adopting Seth from. You may not be able to share that info., but I thought I would ask out of curiosity. Have a great day.
Vickie in Mo.
mom to 5 home grown children and 2 wonderful Serbian blessings.