Friday, May 1, 2009

Andrew and Seth look a lot a like..

Our son Andrew and new son to be look so much a like.. We sure hope they will get a long great.. Andrew has been waiting and waiting to get a brother to play with.

We are working on the boys room.. Mom painted it orange and blue. Big sister Amber is drawing and painting basketballs and baseballs and bats on the walls. It is really looking very awesome..
When that is finished we will go get new beds and get the room all set up for both boys..
I still need to re wax the floors, they are hardwood floors and they look great..

I will post a picture when we get it done...Talk about pictures we got a few new ones of Seth, i sure wish we could share them with you all. But we can;t for now... Maybe sometime soon..

We are all praying for a quick and smooth adoption of Seth... Everybody is so excited to bring Seth home...

Have a great week end everyone...


Amy L said...

I'm praying too that this adoption will be smooth and quick for you. How exciting to be adding another little boy to the family!


Yes i agree with u mom
love kenzie

And patiently waiting... said...

You go girl!! Can't wait to watch your little boy make it home! Love the little monkeys..was used to "girlie" background! :)