Friday, February 26, 2010

Mobby wrap is gone now!!

Beth the mobby wrap is on it's way to you..
We sure hope you get lots of use out of it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am getting a care package together to send to Bella's first home.. I am looking for gentley used crib mobiles. I have ordered some from Wal-Mart, and am bidding on some from E-Bay. But i would like to be able to send many of these for the precious babies.If any of you have any that you have no use for any longer. I would sure love to send these and put them to some very good use... I will also send some learning toys , if i have some extra room in the boxes.

If you can think of anything that would work great for the children just let me know.

Also i have a mobby wrap, it was used very little for my granddaughter. If someone would like this i can ship it to you. I am looking for someone to put it to good use.
e-mail me @
Have a great day !!!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!!

What's Been Happening

Amber with our new "grandpuppy" Lily

McKenzie and Bella are great buddies

Jordon and Maggie are both growing so fast

Quite the Ham I am

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Cute
We have been very very busy lately, can't imagine why so a quick update on our wonderful life. First of all we have an new grandpuppy, yes puppy, Amber decided they needed more excitement at their house so they found a playmate for their other puppy and McKenzie is the nanny LOL. Bella is doing fantastic, Mom, Dad, McKenzie and Bella all got new glasses and they seem to really help her see much better, also she has been to foot Dr. and got some insole steps for her shoes to help strengthen her ankles and after numerous pairs of shoes we were finally able to find a small pair of boots that she cannot kick off. With the new eyeglasses and boots
to support her ankles she is able to walk more and more each day with help of course. Bella's O.T Therapist thinks it won't be to much longer and Bella will be walking on her own, we just need to practice and practice and work on her confidence and hopefully she will be running in the yard with the other kiddos this spring.Bella is also feeding herself at every meal now, as long as Dad doesn't sit next to her and she is starting to eat more solid foods. We are very proud of all she has accomplished so far and how she has just blossomed in the past month. She is definitely a Daddys girl and loves to snuggle him, it is so nice to see her showing affection to everyone in the family now.We all love her so much.
Jordon is still taking his breathing treatments every day and seems to be making progress. He likes to wake up several times a night now just to make sure his mommy is right there by him, yes he is definitely a Mommy's boy, we all love him very much and feel very blessed to have him as part of our family. The other kiddos are all doing well and they are patiently awaiting spring so they can get outside and play.Will post more tomorrow

Monday, February 15, 2010

Megan after her new hair cut..
McKenzie and mom.

McKenzie and Bella. Kenzie got a new hair style from her big sister today. Her and Megan both got there hair done. They look so cute!! Thanks Amz!!

Bella sporting her new glasses.She is such a big girl..

Look at that face!! Bella is the most beautiful little girl!! We are so very happy she is our daughter.. We are also very thankful to her country for letting us adopt her.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Studying the Presidents

Baby Jordon,
Megan and Bella,
Bella sitting on the treadmill.
Bella walking on the treadmill, she was not very happy this day.

We are studying the presidents as part of our homeschooling. It is really interesting sometimes trying to teach Dez, you can explain something to her and five minutes later she will have everything all twisted around. She will sit and listen now which is a big step for Dez.It is a chore some days to accomplish anything in school,but that is one of the advantages of homeschooling, being able to go at our own pace and teach what we want the kiddos to learn and also mom and dad will learn a thing or two while teaching.

Deztany studied so hard for her test about Abraham Lincoln.Guess what she got the best grade she got an A- , that was so awesome of Deztany. She worked very hard to get that grade. I hope she will study that well all month. We will be study Presidents all month long.

Wwe do school for as many hours a day as it takes us to get our daily work done. Some days we can move fast other days it takes us all day long. But we do know that they are all learning as much as possible for each one of them.

Bella is do awesome!! She is a very smart little girl. It is so neat to see her get it , when teaching her something. We love her so , and she really does know that. Bella got stepping blocks for her shoes, but we can't seem to find a good pair of tie up boots to keep them on her feet. Anyone know of a good store to buy some for her. Also Bella got her eyes checked again, she needed new glasses and she has a lazy eye. So we are putting eye drops in her good eye 2 times a week. The doctor is hoping this will help her. We will find out the first part of March to see if it worked or not..

Jordon is just starting to feel better, he had bronchitis . So he was pretty sick. We were giving him breathing treatments around the clock. Jordon has had some breathing troubles since he was about two months old. He is getting much better. That big smile from him is priceless. He really is so much fun.We love him so much as all of our children.

Mom~ Jody , has been on a get organized kick. She has been cleaning out the storage room and taking down the old wooden shelves and putting in new metal shelves. Then putting everything in colored totes. This is a major chore. Our storage room is fairly large. But now it is really organized and you can find what you need in there. She has it all set up ` For her stores inventory, Mama Bears Fleece Blankets. Now she needs to get her new spring fleece blankets done and put on her stores.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I just received this from Shepherd's Crook - a wonderful orphan ministry for children with special needs. Read through and pray for this sweet little one.
In Him,

Hello everyone:
We have just learned of a situation involving a little girl here in Ohio who has not yet been born and who is in need of a family. She was supposed to have been delivered via Cesarean section in early March, but it looks like her birth is imminent. The birth mother is currently in the hospital and has been given steroids to aid the development of the child's lungs as the end of the pregnancy draws near. In addition to being born somewhat premature, a neonatal neurologist believes that this baby girl is going to be blind and will have MRDD, hydrocephalus, seizures, and cerebal palsy. A final diagnosis will be made after the delivery, but this is what is expected at this point. The baby will be transferred to Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus once she is born so that she can be evaluated for a shunt that will relieve the pressure caused by her hydrocephalus.
The reason that this precious little girl is being put up for adoption is that the birth mother is currently incarcerated. Because of her inability to parent the infant after she is born, we really need to find a family for her soon, lest she be placed into the foster care system. Up to this point, the birth mother has been calling the baby Annabelle, and hopes that the name can stay with the baby in some form. She would also like to receive annual updates on this girl via photos and a letter. The agency that is working to place her—Caring for Kids—is not charging any fees for their services. That means that the only fees that the adoptive family will face are the attorneys' fees, although there might be minimal fees for post-placement visits, as well.
Anyone who is interested in adopting this baby girl, please write to for more information. And please join us in praying for this tiny one's future.
In Him,
Administrative Assistant

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yes, We have been missing. Not really

We have been very busy lately and the children have been sick. Baby Jordon is very sick now. We almost had to take him to the hospitol today. I am praying he gets better very soon. He has been back on his breathing treatments again and on a prescription. But now he is running a temp. He has this sad poor cry. I cry right with him. We love this little guy so much and feel very blessed to be his forever family.

Our older daughter Amber had surgery on Tuesday. She had her eleventh yes 11th surgery. She has Laryngeal Papillomas on her vocal cords. This is very dangerous, they can block her air way or go down into her lungs. Amber is stating to feel a little better, but it is taking a few days this time. She will need to have surgery in 3 months again to get more of this off of her vocal cords. Amber has had to deal with this for a number of years. It makes her voice difficult for me to hear her, and many people cannot hear what she is saying.
Amber we love you very much and are very thankful you have a wonderful husband to help take care of you and your sick children. Yes, they have two sick children, Camren and Aubrey.The both have this bad cold , maybe RSV.They both have breathing treatments now also. So on Tuesday we had three little ones that needed breathing treatments and meds through out the day. That was while David took Amber to have surgery at a hospitol 2 hours away. Her Doctor is awesome so they have to travel to him. But we are very thank for this doctor . He has done 9~ nine of Amber's surgeries so far. We sure hope and pray they can find a cure for this.

Bella is doing wonderful!! Dad and the children have thaught Bella to climb the stairs.. Thye all think it is great.. Not mom, i am so worried she will come bouncing back down and get hurt. I think there is like 15 stairs. So it is pretty high up for our little Bella. Bella went to the foot doctor and got little wedges in her shoes. We are hoping they help her build some muscles and she will walk all by herself. We will see in a few weeks. Bella also went to the eye doctor and she got a new prescription for stronger lenses. Plus she has a lazy eye. So we have to put drops in her good eye, so she has to use her lazy eye.So we will have this rechecked in March.

Deztany has been Dez. She can say the funnest things, but she really believes what she thinks. She is only 9~ nine years old. She was riding with grandma in a car, and asked granma if she was tired. Grandma said why Dez, Dez told grandma if she was tired Dez would drive for her. Grandma asked if Dez had a drivers lisence. Dez told grandma she would just use grandma;s lisence. Sad thing is Dez really thinks this is possible..That is that great FAS/FAE that really helps her to figure out things.. Here is another story about Dez. We went to cosco to go shopping and it is an hour away. So we have to drive on the highway for an hour to get home. Dad was driviny the suburban the whole time mind you. When w egot home Dez went up to dad and asked dad if he slept on the way home. She was very serious.She thought because she got to take a snooze that dad did also. But she doesn't get it. Well that is part of a day in the life of Dez. We love you Dez!!!

All the other children are doing great so far. I am hoping they all don't end up very sick. We will post more later. It is late and i could use a few hours of sleep. Yes , poor baby Jordon will be up a few times during the night. He will need his breathing treatments and a bottle..Good night