Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Studying the Presidents

Baby Jordon,
Megan and Bella,
Bella sitting on the treadmill.
Bella walking on the treadmill, she was not very happy this day.

We are studying the presidents as part of our homeschooling. It is really interesting sometimes trying to teach Dez, you can explain something to her and five minutes later she will have everything all twisted around. She will sit and listen now which is a big step for Dez.It is a chore some days to accomplish anything in school,but that is one of the advantages of homeschooling, being able to go at our own pace and teach what we want the kiddos to learn and also mom and dad will learn a thing or two while teaching.

Deztany studied so hard for her test about Abraham Lincoln.Guess what she got the best grade she got an A- , that was so awesome of Deztany. She worked very hard to get that grade. I hope she will study that well all month. We will be study Presidents all month long.

Wwe do school for as many hours a day as it takes us to get our daily work done. Some days we can move fast other days it takes us all day long. But we do know that they are all learning as much as possible for each one of them.

Bella is do awesome!! She is a very smart little girl. It is so neat to see her get it , when teaching her something. We love her so , and she really does know that. Bella got stepping blocks for her shoes, but we can't seem to find a good pair of tie up boots to keep them on her feet. Anyone know of a good store to buy some for her. Also Bella got her eyes checked again, she needed new glasses and she has a lazy eye. So we are putting eye drops in her good eye 2 times a week. The doctor is hoping this will help her. We will find out the first part of March to see if it worked or not..

Jordon is just starting to feel better, he had bronchitis . So he was pretty sick. We were giving him breathing treatments around the clock. Jordon has had some breathing troubles since he was about two months old. He is getting much better. That big smile from him is priceless. He really is so much fun.We love him so much as all of our children.

Mom~ Jody , has been on a get organized kick. She has been cleaning out the storage room and taking down the old wooden shelves and putting in new metal shelves. Then putting everything in colored totes. This is a major chore. Our storage room is fairly large. But now it is really organized and you can find what you need in there. She has it all set up ` For her stores inventory, Mama Bears Fleece Blankets. Now she needs to get her new spring fleece blankets done and put on her stores.

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