Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Up dates on all the children..

Our baby Jordon is doing wonderful!
He had his two month check up and shots.. Jordon weights 11lbs 13oz..
He is 21 3/4inches long. So Jordon is doing awesome!!1 We love our little guy so much.

What a little cutie!!!

Go Bella Go !!! Bella is still using her walker. She can really go.She always has somebody with her. The children like to follow her around, and also give her support..
Bell ais trying to eat a cracker. She will bit the cracker , then spit it out . But that is progress for her. Do you see Bella has her glasses on. Still tough to keep them on her.

Bella showing us all how she can brush her own teeth. To bad she wouldn't do this all the time. She likes to fight with mom when i need to brush her teeth.. We are so proud of Bella. She has came a long way from the first day we met her.. Bella ha sa long list of things she can do now..
I will make a post of them soon..Enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MILOS for the Stolz family--Cleves, OH

Yes!! my little buddy Milos has a family!!! Yay, I sure hope they get to move fast to go get him...we think this guy is awesome and can't wait to see him home with his forever family..
If you would like to help them you can go to Reece's Rainbow.org and look for the Stolz family. I am sure they would love some help bringing Milos home.It is very expensive to adopt Internationaly, but so worth it when your child is home...

Please visit www.reecesrainbow.org and see if you might find your waiting child. You never know what God has planned for your family...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy 1st birthday Aubrey!!!!

Today is our grand~daughter Aubrey's 1st birthday!!! She had a wonderful birthday party yesterday. We all had lots of fun. Bella loves to go to her big sisters house. She screams and everybody thinks she is unhappy. But really she is very happy to be there..

Aubrey had 3 big cup cake cakes her mommy made for her. They were very neat. She also had lots of family and friends there to help her celebrate..
Happy 1st birhtday Aubrey !!!
We love you so much!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Milos!!!

Today is Milos birthday. To most of us a birthday is a happy time. But for Milos he is ten (10) years old today. That is the age in his country that they will send him to the institution. Then he will not be able to be adopted. Milos does have a little time if somebody out there would love to adopt him. You would have to work very fast on your paper work. He would make a great family member to any family.. We met Milos when we went and got our little Bella. He stole our hearts..He is very sweet and a smart boy to boot.. We really think he would be lots of fun to have around.. If you would like to see pictures of Milos you can go to www.reece'srainbow.org He is on the older children page. I also have some pictures of him if anybody would like to see them. We can not post them on our blog, his country doesn't allow that any longer.

So please say a prayer that my little buddy Milos gets a family very very soon. He really seems like a very lovable little boy...Yes, Milos does have down syndrome so he is very special ..

Somebody please adopt Milos!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our first Buddy Walk

We all went to Missoula,Mt for our first buddy walk
Our crew waiting to start the walk

Bella wearing her new "Buddy Walk" shirt

Even Baby Jordon had his "Buddy Walk" shirt on

Deztany, Megan and Andrew waiting to start the walk
We attended our very first "Buddy Walk" today in Missoula, Mt. which is a two hour drive from our house. It was a very beautiful day and they had a great turnout.We met lots of parents and lots of very special kiddos and we were able to get some very useful information for working with our special children.It was a great way for Mom to get out of the house for some adult conversation(yes Gary is like talking to the kids most of the time) and to chat about D.S, one of her favorite subjects.All the kids had a great time visiting also and they are already talking about next years walk, we are very grateful that all of our kids support their little brother and sister with D.S. and how much they love them. I don't know who does more bragging Mom and Dad or the kids, but we are all very grateful they are part of our lives.We were also fortunate enough to meet another family associated with ReecesRainbow and what a small world this is.We were one of the last famalies to leave at the end and we will definitely be returning to walk next year.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Update all around!!

First off~Jordon is doing great, everybody loves him very much. He is gaining weight very good as you can see.He just can't get any more handsome than he is already.. We sure love this little guy...
Aren't these the prettiest little toes you have seen? Yes they belong to miss Bella.. Bella is doing wonderful, she is learning lots of new things.Some good , some not so good. But she is learning..She knows how to push them buttons that's for sure. Her new trick is to sit on the kitchen table and throw everything off of it, yes even glass. Not that we have much glass in our house. Bella knows she will get into trouble for this, but she still waits for mom to see her doing her tricks..Miss Bella is still the little Princess~ we love her dearly...

Look how big Jordon is getting!!! He is one handsome little man... Jordon is 8 weeks old today, and he loves to be held...

Baby Afton~ Our grandson is doing much better now... Thank you all for the prayers!!!
He is eating and breathing very well now... Love ya baby Afton!!

Update also on my mother~ My mother's doctor now seems to think this spot on her brain is scar tissue from a previous stroke , not sure when that happened. The doctors are still trying to get her on the right meds to keep her heart from racing all the time. Good thing she is very active all the time.. Thank you all for the prayers for all of us!!!
Now for an update on our adoption we had to stop, that we were going back to E.E It was a very hard thing to do. But with all the medical things that have been going on in our family. There was no way we could have left the country right now.. It sure breaks my heart everyday that we are not traveling soon to get Seth~aka`Srecko. Yes we still love him so much.. I have even caught GARY looking at his pictures, so i know it is breaking his heart also.. My heart is sad everyday for Seth, even though i feel very blessed to have all the children we have.. We love them all so much.. We also love Seth~aka Srecko.. Please say a prayer , we could use a few...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Be your own boss!!!

Click on the picture to read about a great opportunity!!!

Jordon's adoption in final now!!!

Jordon's adoption was final on August 28th,2009. We just got all of our paperwork. We are so excited it is all finished... Our little guy is growing so big..We all love him so much, even his auntie's Linda and Maddy love this little guy with all there hearts.. Thanks Auntie's for all the items you bought for Jordon... We hope to see you both again soon.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Please pray for our family!!

Please pray for our grandson to be healthy.
Jody's mom also is having some medical problems.She has had a couple times of not be able to say what she wants to say, her speech was effected .. But it did return to normal the same day this happened. She went for an M.R.I and the doctors say she has had two small strokes. They also found something on her brain. They think it is a form of~ cancer. Please pray for her and all of our family. We have to wait until the doctor consults with some other doctors about this.So please say a prayer for all of us.. Thank you so much..

Our new grandson was born !!!

Our oldest son Jason and his wife ~our daughter in law, had their baby boy. He was born August 26th,2009. The baby had some problems and they took him right to the N.I.C.U. He was having trouble breathing. They had to put a to give him some help with breathing. They also thought he had a bad infection and thank God he came a week early. The Ped Doctor said he might not have been born alive if he was born later.. They had to give him lots of IV. meds for 5 days and do lots of tests on him. They checked for different types of infections. We are so glad our little grandson is strong and pulled through..He is such a sweet baby .

So off we went to Great Falls, Mt with six little ones and the camp trailer to go see our new grandson ,oh his name is Afton`.He is so cute , we love him so much..We stayed for three days to help out and pray for baby Afton.. We also helped with the care of Aftons big brother Xzavier...
Xzavier is so happy to be a big brother..
Xzavier is 4 years old and very happy to have a little brother..