Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Up dates on all the children..

Our baby Jordon is doing wonderful!
He had his two month check up and shots.. Jordon weights 11lbs 13oz..
He is 21 3/4inches long. So Jordon is doing awesome!!1 We love our little guy so much.

What a little cutie!!!

Go Bella Go !!! Bella is still using her walker. She can really go.She always has somebody with her. The children like to follow her around, and also give her support..
Bell ais trying to eat a cracker. She will bit the cracker , then spit it out . But that is progress for her. Do you see Bella has her glasses on. Still tough to keep them on her.

Bella showing us all how she can brush her own teeth. To bad she wouldn't do this all the time. She likes to fight with mom when i need to brush her teeth.. We are so proud of Bella. She has came a long way from the first day we met her.. Bella ha sa long list of things she can do now..
I will make a post of them soon..Enjoy the pictures.

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