Saturday, October 30, 2010

We Are So Proud Of You

This is the article that appeared in our local newspaper this morning honoring Jody as one of the women of distinction in our town. They will have a recognition ceremony on Wed to choose the woman of the year, good luck Jody (aka mom, nana, gramma). Thank you for everything you do for EVERYONE, you make the world a much better place. We all love you very very much
hugs to you love Gary and all the kids and grandkids family and friends

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Busy AND need more funds for Scott aka Srecko

~For the Severson Family ~

We sure have been very busy here at the Campbell house. Getting ready for winter, the house and the camp trailer. Gary is getting all the outside chores done before winter. All toys put away for the winter. Well not all , just the outside ones. The house is still full of toys every where.

Jody is busy teaching school and trying to get fleece blankets and wood signs made . So she will have enough to sell this winter. You can visit our mamabearsflleeceblankets~use the button on side bar.
or you can check out our E-Bay store. Mama Bears Fleece Blankets .
Alsocampbellscountrystore ~ use button on side bar. I am working on getting more signs on there soon.
All the children are doing well. We have had a few emergencies these last few weeks. I am sure ready for all of that to stop.

Now for the fundraisier~~~ We are going to leave it going until Nov 10th, The Severson Family still needs about 3,554. to be able to travel. They are at a crunch, they need to travel very soon. We are very THANKFUL for all the donations so far. But can you pass it on, we are hoping we can help get this family funded so they can travel within the next few weeks. Hopefully before Christmas. I would love to see pictures of him home with his family this year. Can we help make Srecko;s aka Scott's dreams come true. Don't you think that would be the best present ever.

PLEASE HELP US TO HELP THE Severson Family bring Scott aka ~ Srecko home.
I am starting a one dollar adoption fund for them. I would like to see if we can get everybody who reads the blogs to donate 1.00 for each family member you have in your current family or maybe for how many family members you still have at home. I will start it with our donation to add to the give away for the signs and the book. So please go to the chip in on the side bar and help us help the Severson Family.... Remember we will draw for the give away on Nov 10th . So we have 15 days to help get this family fully funded...Are you in for the challenge?? I sure hope so . This little guy doesn't need to wait any longer. Please help to bring him home..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Congratulations Jody aka Mom

We found out today that Jody aka Mom is being recognized as a woman of distinction in our town , she is one of several women being recognized for this honor, hopefully she will be chosen the number one woman. The local newspaper is doing a write up of all the women to publish in the newspaper including photos. She was nominated by our friend and realtor Denise with help from Gary aka Dad. It was very difficult to keep everything a secret these past few weeks, but Jody had no idea.Now everyone will know just how special Jody really is, she works 24/7 just being a wonderful mom to 10 (yes 10) children ranging in age from 30yrs old down to 15mos old, and a loving grandmother to all 8 with one on the way grandchildren. Jody also makes and sells fleece blankets and rustic signs in her spare (what's that) time.Her other job is being a lovingwife to me, she makes me tired just watching her every day, because I see what this great lady accomplishes every day.Congratulations on your recognition Honey, we don't think anyone deserves this more then you, thank you for all you do for not only your family but for everyone that needs anything . We think you are the greatest and we all love you sooo much, Love Gary aka Dad and all the kiddos and grandkiddos and yes Mom too P.S. she also homeschools all 7 of the little kiddos

Monday, October 18, 2010

We are extending the give away !!

We are extending the give away for the wood signs, and I am adding in a great book .
"America's Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money: Your Guide to Living Better,Spending Less, and Cashing in on your Dreams"
Those of us who adopt ,know it costs . Not just a little , but a lot of money to adopt your special children. So this book can really help us all. We know how great it is to find new ways to save money. Well this family has loads of ideas. Steve and Annette Economides have so many great ideas, i really think you will love to win this book. So if you would like to put in for the wood signs or the new book . Just click on the chip in button on the right. Scott;s sister and brother will be drawing the names of the winners on Friday. Just let us know, by leaving a comment if you put in and or if you sent a check to Reece's Rainbow for the Severson Family Fund" That way we can put your name in the drawing.
We Thank you all for donating so far and for the many many prayers said for Scott's family and for Scott. He is what this fundraisier is all about.

Friday, October 15, 2010

This is Scott's Family !!

The Severson Family~

This is Scott's Family, there are trying so hard to get the much needed funds to travel A.S.A.P.
Will you please say a prayer THAT THE FUNDS NEEDED WILL BE THERE VERY SOON..

You can go visit their blog~

Happy 7th Birthday Scott aka. Srecko !!

Happy Happy 7th Birthday Scott !!!

We sure hope and pray you have a great day. We pray next year you will spend your birthday with your family. They are trying to be able to come and get you soon. Just some green stuff standing in the way... That darn old green stuff.. Please if you can will you donate , even just a little for this sweet little guy to be able to come home.....

Have a happy birthday Scott!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy 26th Birthday to our beautiful daughter Amber !!!

Happy 26th Birthday Amber!!! We hope you had a great day ...

Thank you so much for hurry over for our little emergency this morning. We always can count on you. Thank you also for helping to do some nursing already. We are just getting you ready to work in a Dr;s office or maybe in the . Looks like we will be spending lots of time there.. So thank you again. We sure hope you enjoyed your day with us. We sure enjoyed having you all here today..
We sure do love you so very much!!!
Yes, our daughter got to spend her birthday with her family all day long.. My heart still is crying out for help to be able to have the Severson family bring Scott a.k.a Srecko. He is missing so much and really needs to come home soon. My heart cries out for this little guy. If i could i would give this family all the money they needed to bring their son home. But i do not have 4,000. hiding in my pocket or purse. So i am crying out to all of you to help . Please we have a long way to go. Thank you to those who have donated or prayed for this little guy and his family. Tommorow is his 7th birthday to spend with no family. He is waiting for his mommy and daddy to come and get him. Can you say a prayer that he will have a great day and that he will get many hugs ..
Please Please I am crying out to all of you ..Please help with donating what ever amount you can. If you can not donate please say a prayer that all the funds will come in really soon . His mommy and daddy would really love to get on that plane and go get him...

Thank you all ..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let's bump up the party!!!

This little guy loves to party!! Lets all give him the party of his life..To come home to his forever family..

Come on everybody lets bump up the party!! Scott needs to come home very soon. They just need there funds and then they can travel. So please take a look and see what you can help donate to partner with Tammy and Dan Severson to bring their son home very soon. Scott a.k.a. Srecko has been waiting a very long time.

It so breaks my heart to see this sweet sweet boy waiting to go home. Darn money!! I don't like that money has to stand in the way of getting a family for a child. Can you all maybe skip your coffee or lunch to give tomorrow to help Scott come home. Yes , you can still donate for the birthday party.Just click on the chip in button.

We only have until Friday!! That is his 7th birthday Oct, 15th. I sure am praying that we can get all the funds they need for this sweet boy. I have met this amazing young man, he will blossom so much in a family...

Yes, i am begging you all !! Please help Scott a.k.a Srecko to be able to come home very soon...

Please help us by posting this to your blog or Facebook. Tammy and Dan need all the help we can get them.. The birthday boy wants the best gift he every could ask for~ A mommy and a daddy,a brother and a sister. How awesome would that be.. Take a look at this special boy, please say you will help him come home...

Thank you all very much!!


Monday, October 11, 2010

It's a birthday party !!!

Happy 7th Birthday Scott aka. Srecko~
If you all remember this little guy from our blog a year ago. We were in the process to bring him home. But then we had a family member that had been in a serious auto accident. We then let Scott go.

Well he found a family fast...

Tammy and Dan Severson were in country adopting there son Jovan and they new it was meant to be. That Scott was meant to be their son. So they committed to adopting him. Well they are still trying to get the funds to go and get him.

This week I am having a birthday party all week long for him. We would love to be able to raise the 4,000. they need to be able to travel .. Can you all help with a special gift for Scott. for his 7th birthday. What could be better to know that your Mom and Dad will be there very soon to get you and bring you to your forever home. Scott has spent all of his birthdays at the orphanage. Lets change that so next year he will spend his birthday at home with his family..
We are having a give away!! I make wood signs with sayings on them . I burn the saying onto the wood. They are really cool signs..I have made two signs to give away. But if you do not like the saying I can make what ever you want on the sign.
So if you all could help and re-post this to your blog that would help so much. ALSO PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS TO BE A VERY FRUITFULL, SO THIS LITTLE GUY THAT MEANS SO MUCH TO US CAN HAVE HIS FAMILY AND COME HOME.


We have seen the beautful smile on his face . Our Bella and Chrissie are both from the same orphanage. I cannot wait to see the biggest smile ever for him to see his Mommy and Daddy show up to get him.
Please if you feel you can spare some funds to help this wonderful family bring their son home.Then go to the chip in and you can donate to Tammy and Dan to bring Scott home very soon..

All funds go directly to Scott's family 's acct..
Thank you all so much , remember to post it on your blog or facebook. Help spread the word..
After you donate, would you please come back and leave me a comment. That way i know who donated to put your name in the give away for one of my signs... I will be giving away two signs for Scott's Birthday Party this week!!!! Thank you all !!