Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Busy AND need more funds for Scott aka Srecko

~For the Severson Family ~

We sure have been very busy here at the Campbell house. Getting ready for winter, the house and the camp trailer. Gary is getting all the outside chores done before winter. All toys put away for the winter. Well not all , just the outside ones. The house is still full of toys every where.

Jody is busy teaching school and trying to get fleece blankets and wood signs made . So she will have enough to sell this winter. You can visit our mamabearsflleeceblankets~use the button on side bar.
or you can check out our E-Bay store. Mama Bears Fleece Blankets .
Alsocampbellscountrystore ~ use button on side bar. I am working on getting more signs on there soon.
All the children are doing well. We have had a few emergencies these last few weeks. I am sure ready for all of that to stop.

Now for the fundraisier~~~ We are going to leave it going until Nov 10th, The Severson Family still needs about 3,554. to be able to travel. They are at a crunch, they need to travel very soon. We are very THANKFUL for all the donations so far. But can you pass it on, we are hoping we can help get this family funded so they can travel within the next few weeks. Hopefully before Christmas. I would love to see pictures of him home with his family this year. Can we help make Srecko;s aka Scott's dreams come true. Don't you think that would be the best present ever.

PLEASE HELP US TO HELP THE Severson Family bring Scott aka ~ Srecko home.
I am starting a one dollar adoption fund for them. I would like to see if we can get everybody who reads the blogs to donate 1.00 for each family member you have in your current family or maybe for how many family members you still have at home. I will start it with our donation to add to the give away for the signs and the book. So please go to the chip in on the side bar and help us help the Severson Family.... Remember we will draw for the give away on Nov 10th . So we have 15 days to help get this family fully funded...Are you in for the challenge?? I sure hope so . This little guy doesn't need to wait any longer. Please help to bring him home..

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