Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Please Pray for little Princess Chrissie !!

This is what her mom , just had to say. Chrisie is having a lot of bleeding.

Dr. Kupferschmid is at Chrissie's bedside, working earnestly to try to help suction blood as she's rapidly losing blood. The ECMO specialist is pushing blood in her trying to stay ahead of Chrissie's blood loss. Dr. Kupferschmid just said that he's gotta get her off this ECMO now. (Staying on the ECMO requires the blood to be thin and not clot, but with Chrissie's continuous bleeding, he really needs to get her blood to clot, which can't be done while she's on the ECMO, yet the ECMO is what's keeping her alive.)

Jehovah Rapha, we need your miraculous healing Hand in this PICU room now. Touch Chrissie's heart and lungs and entire pulmonary system to gloriously make everything work beautfilly and perfectly in a mighty way, the perfect way you intended when you so perfectly knit our bodies together and created the amazing and miraculous body.

Please Pray for this Beautful little Princess Chrissie!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Please PRAY for Chrissie!!!

Chrissies heart has stopped working again, they are workiong on here right now.
Please get on your knees and pray for Chrissie. She is a very beautiful and loved little girl. Chrissie is from Sebia , just like our little Bella. We pray for her to be ok: Please God fix Chrissie's heart and make her healthy. Please Please leave Chrissie to be with her parents and siblings for many years to come...

Click on the button and go read what Chrissie's mom has to say...

PLEASE PRAY FOR Chrissie !!!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Newborn baby boy with Down syndrome needs an adoptive family A.SA.P.

We just got a call from the adoption agaency we used to adopt baby J.

They have a newborn little boy with down syndrome, he is C.C . He is 8lbs, 1 oz.
I am trying to find out if there is any medical problems, right now it seems no . But i will find out for sure. Baby needs a family ready to travel today or very soon. He will stay in the hospitol for 2 to 3 days. So family needs to get there before he gets out. Baby is in Kansas. This is an awesome place to adopt from. The adoption will be final in about 1 month. You heard me 1 month and it is all done... Awesome people to work with..
It looks like fees will be around 15,500to 16,500, I am trying to see if they will lower any of the fees.

Please re-post this to your groups, Have them e-mail me ,

Then i can give you the contact info:::

Somebody please adopt this little guy...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby J is wondering why miss Bella has his bottle, and is drinking it..
Baby J sleeping .
Baby J being cute.
Baby J trying to sit up.

Baby J working out with big sister Kenzie.
Megan helping Bella walk..
Dad and his little boys, after they all got there spring and summer hair cuts.

Andrew and baby J. Showing off there new hair cuts..

Dez, mom, Megan and miss Bella trying to be silly..

Dad, Mom and Megan , being silly with the camera..

Thursday, April 15, 2010

We want to say how Thankful We are for our Facilitator!!

We are so Thankful to our Facilitator in Bella's old country. She was so wonderful to us and she is an angel for families and all of the children..

When we were getting ready to travel to get our new daughter, we never dreamed we would meet such a wonderful person. She not only did a wonderful job helping us to adopt our daughter, but became a very dear person and friend to us. She is a Dr: in her country, and she has a heart of Gold...This woman is an angel from God!!! She has all children in her heart. She believed in us , that we would be great parents for little Bella and that we would love her very very much. She was right , we love our little girl so much. It really doesn't matter what our Bella can or will do. We will love her all the same no matter what, and this wonderful Dr. new that.

We pray for this wonderful person and all the children in Bella's first home. We always pray that the children will get to go to there forever families.. This sweet Dr. helps all the children, to be able to go home to the right family.. Sometimes we think we are the right and perfect family, for a special child. But only God knows who is the perfect family for each and every child...

So we say ~~THANK YOU VERY MUCH Dr.J~~
Sending lots of hugs your way!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Please help the Sisemore family bring home there little froggie boy!!!

A friend has donated 3 Frogie Blankets for a giveaway for Jeremiah! For each $5 donation you give we will put your name in the hat once to win one of the 3 blankets! :) Here are the pictures of the 3 blankets :)

1. Fleece blanket ~ pink with prince frogs on it ~kiss me~. size is 60inches by 72 inches. They are polyester fleece, double sided, other side is sage green. very soft.

2. Fleece blankets~light blue with frogs holding stars, other side is all dark blue. 36 inches by 58 inches. Polyester fleece , very soft and warm.

3. Fleece blanket ~ light blue with big frogs on it and lady bugs, butterflies,and hearts, other side is all red. Very pretty and soft. polyester fleece.36 inches by 58 inches..

Please ~ if you can help this family get that last funds they need to go get their little guy . Froggie boy is waiting to come home, all they need is the rest of the funds and a travel date . The travel date will come soon, so lets all help them get their son home ..

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday Kenzie !!!

Happy 10th Birthday Kenzie!! We sure love you much .
We sure hope you had a great Easter and Birthday party. Kenzie you are so sweet to everyone and we all hope you had a great time. Thank you so much for being such a sweet and loving person.
We all love you Kenzie !!
Dad and Mom,
and all of your siblings..

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone !!

All the children waiting to start the Easter egg hunt. We have an egg hunt every year for our little ones, and all of our grandchildren if they can make it.
Little Aubrey running for more eggs. She was so cute she had more fun watching the bigger kiddos find eggs. She kept running behind all of them. They all were in a hurry to find lots of eggs and see who got the most money. They all had a great time, and Kenzie got the most money. She got 7.00 dollars, and she was very happy about that..

Having a great time at Papa and Nana's Easter egg hunt.. Bella had fun watching all the kiddos run to get the eggs.. She didn't want to get any eggs , maybe next year..
We all had a wonderful Easter!! Lots of family and friends and food.
We also had another Birthday party today also. But i will tell you about that another day...
Megan playing Easter Bunny. She was hiding eggs for her siblings to find them. She is so cute!!
All the kiddos coloring eggs, and yes there is an extra kiddo. Rach is like one of our daughters.
Really though she is the neighbor's daughter. We just borrow her every now and then..

All the kiddos waiting to color eggs. We colored, i mean they colored 5 dozen eggs , plus what Rach brought over.. It was lots of fun for all of us...

This is Prom night !! Aren't they all beautiful !! The one in the middle is our extra daughter , her name is Gretch. She is one pretty young lady. Oh Ok: she is the neighbors daughter also.

The pretty young ladies going to the Prom!!
We sure hope they had lots of fun..