Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone !!

All the children waiting to start the Easter egg hunt. We have an egg hunt every year for our little ones, and all of our grandchildren if they can make it.
Little Aubrey running for more eggs. She was so cute she had more fun watching the bigger kiddos find eggs. She kept running behind all of them. They all were in a hurry to find lots of eggs and see who got the most money. They all had a great time, and Kenzie got the most money. She got 7.00 dollars, and she was very happy about that..

Having a great time at Papa and Nana's Easter egg hunt.. Bella had fun watching all the kiddos run to get the eggs.. She didn't want to get any eggs , maybe next year..
We all had a wonderful Easter!! Lots of family and friends and food.
We also had another Birthday party today also. But i will tell you about that another day...

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