Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Newborn baby boy with Down syndrome needs an adoptive family A.SA.P.

We just got a call from the adoption agaency we used to adopt baby J.

They have a newborn little boy with down syndrome, he is C.C . He is 8lbs, 1 oz.
I am trying to find out if there is any medical problems, right now it seems no . But i will find out for sure. Baby needs a family ready to travel today or very soon. He will stay in the hospitol for 2 to 3 days. So family needs to get there before he gets out. Baby is in Kansas. This is an awesome place to adopt from. The adoption will be final in about 1 month. You heard me 1 month and it is all done... Awesome people to work with..
It looks like fees will be around 15,500to 16,500, I am trying to see if they will lower any of the fees.

Please re-post this to your groups, Have them e-mail me , jngcampbell9@msn.com

Then i can give you the contact info:::

Somebody please adopt this little guy...

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