Sunday, April 4, 2010

Megan playing Easter Bunny. She was hiding eggs for her siblings to find them. She is so cute!!
All the kiddos coloring eggs, and yes there is an extra kiddo. Rach is like one of our daughters.
Really though she is the neighbor's daughter. We just borrow her every now and then..

All the kiddos waiting to color eggs. We colored, i mean they colored 5 dozen eggs , plus what Rach brought over.. It was lots of fun for all of us...

This is Prom night !! Aren't they all beautiful !! The one in the middle is our extra daughter , her name is Gretch. She is one pretty young lady. Oh Ok: she is the neighbors daughter also.

The pretty young ladies going to the Prom!!
We sure hope they had lots of fun..

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