Friday, March 26, 2010

Pictures from Bella's birthday party.

Sweet little Aubrey helping Bella to get her presents open. Bella loved the presents ,but didn't think much of opening them. Bella had a wonderful party. Bella has a big family to love her so much.
The butterfly birthday cake. It reminds us of Bella , she was let free when mama and daddy came and got her from her first home.

Bella going for a walk with Jenna.She looks so cute in her party dress. But then she is so cute in anything she wears.
Bella eating her cupcake. She loves the frosting, not so much the cake.

Bella waiting to eat her cupcake. Bella did great for her party.
This is Bella's second birthday party in the USA. I don't think anybody ever had a party for her before.She sure loves the attention. She is all smiles when we sing Happy Birthday to her. She just lights up. Oh and light up, i lit her birthday candle for her to blow out and she cried. So mom blew out the candle. Maybe next year she can make a wish and blow out the candles.She is only two here in America.
Happy Birthday sweet Bella ~We sure do love you so much~
Thank you to all who came to Bella's party,it was alot of fun..

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Charissa said...

Oh Bella you are such a beauty! Happy Birthday sweet girl!