Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Letters to God "

"Letters to God " 
 Have you seen this movie ??? We watched this movie today for school . It sure was awesome!!!
 Boy did Tyler have so much faith in God .. Tyler is a major inspiration to all .. I sure hope and pray
that my children understand what this movie was all about. Just have "Faith" in God .. That's all it takes..

If you haven't seen this movies.Please watch it. You will love it and you will also cry a few tears.
  Boy i really had to try to fight back the tears. It really means alot to me , you all know i have many many children . It is very hard to go through hard times when your children are sick or hurt really bad  and all you can do is pray over them..I have done this many many times. I always thank God for everybody and everything in my life. 

I pray that all my children, adult and little ones are happy and healthy everyday... For God to help u s all through the day...

Sometimes it takes more than that . Sometimes you wish you could stop people from saying and doing bad things..We have this one relative that likes to cause trouble with my adult children . She never seems to be able to keep her nose out of our business, or to move on and leave us alone...

So if you are out there , please leave us alone. You know who you are... Go on with your life..
Stay out of ours....

Please write your own "Letters to God" 


Sunday, June 10, 2012

JODY aka MOM has been very busy

This is what Jody aka Mom has been working on the past few days. They really turned out very beautiful and she doesn't know if she wants to sell them or not because they look so good.Gary aka Dad told her to keep both of them if she wants them, knowing full well that she will change the room decor eventually and want to sell them.It was a good project for a couple cold, rainy, snowy days and it is something she enjoys doing,yes she is very creative.Thank You Jody they look great

Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday "Paris" aka. Megan !!

Yesterday was Megan's 9th birthday  . We had a party out in the back yard and she had so much fun.. She said it was the best birthday ever.. Megan ~Paris got to pick out her cake and this year she chose an ice cream cake and some cup cakes for those who didn't want ice cream. It was a beautiful day and the kiddos got to run and play in the water. Boy did they all have so much fun.. Chrissie i think had the best time she just loves water. She was always in the water. All the other kiddos would go in the water for a few minutes and then run and get in their towels to get warm , but not Chrissie. She is a water bug..

Back to Paris's birthday, she was so so happy all day long. Her big sister, brother in law, nephew and neices gave her a bag of money. Dollars and lot and lots of change, i think it was like 15.00 dollars in all most all of it in change. It was really funny to see her face when she opened the bag with all the change in it. She also loved all of her other presents, but to a 9 year old that bag of money was the best..

My Megan ~' Paris was so happy all day she would even come up over and over for me to give her hugs. Megan is pretty shy so this is great when she will let you give her big hugs over and over..

She has grown so much lately , i am glad but sad also . She has been a mommie's girl forever..Now she is sprouting out and doesn't have to be by mom's side all the time.. Sad for mom, but happy for my Megan ~Paris".  She came to us at 7 days old , and 5 lbs . Little did we know when we got her she had two holes in her heart. That really explained why she was purple alot of time. She was always hooked to her momma's side , if not she would cry and i mean cry until her momma picked her up .. So she is really blossoming now ~you go girl!!!!

Megan sure missed having her aunties here for her party . But both aunties Linda and Maddy had to work . So they couldn't make the trip to come to Butte. So we will have to have a small party at there house really soon...

Megan we sure are glad you had a great 9th birthday!!! We love you so so much !!!
Love alway and forever All of your family !!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Weekend

                                                    These are some of our newest creations

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Chrissie

Yes, I am posting this late. But better late than never, right...

Happy 7th birthday Chrissie !!!
Chrissie is our busy girl. She loves to be busy all the time .. Some good and some naughty..
 But we wouldn't want Chrissie any other way..
We had a small party on her birthday, we will be having a bigger party with dad on his birthday...

We love you Chrissie !!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

What we've been doing lately, and One Direction Concert Tickets.

 This is right after Kenzie found out next summer Dad~Gary is going to take the 4 bigs and our Granddaughter~Niece, Jenna to see the kids' fave boy band ONE DIRECTION!
Kenzie was the first one of all the kids to know they are going to go see One Direction live in concert next summer in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Yes, Kenzie has been bugging Mom  and Dad about the tickets for a while now. But Kenzie was saving her money to buy her own ticket to see them perform live in concert next year. But everything changed when Kenzie, Dez, Jenna and Megan were down making posters for if they do get to go to the concert. I (yes, its me, Kenzie making these next few posts.) just came up and showed Mom the banner we were making. Mom said "Come here, I want to show you something."
 I walked over there and mom showed me she and Dad bought us tickets to the show!!!! :) I was so excited I started crying. Dez, Jenna and Megan seen me crying. ''Why are you crying'' they  all asked. ''Mom, can i tell the?'' I said. Mom let me ''Okay... NEXT SUMMER WERE GOING TO GO SEE ONE DIRECTION IN CONCERT!" I yelled. I felt kinda bad cause I made Dez cry about it. But she was sooooooooooooooooo happy! So we were making posters and banners like ''WE LOVE YOU 1D!'' one said ''HEY ZAYN! VAS HAPPENIN'?'' one said. ("Vas Happenin'' is Zayns favorite saying.) Were even practicing chanting their names, yelling "WE LOVE YOU 1D!" and "HEY ZAYN, VAS HAPPENIN?". Very exciting. Although the concert isn't till 7/25/13. Were  very excited. I'm counting down the days and right now. It is 445 days till the show (today is 5/6/12).
Thanks fro reading!!!!! Love from Kenzie

Monday, April 16, 2012

What we've been doing lately...

Here is Kenzie, Bella and Chrissie with their One Direction T-Shirts on. (One Direction is a new British/Irish band Kenzie, Deztany, Bella and Chrissie like.) Kenzie made them and they turned out really cute.
Look at how big Bella has gotten! She likes to run around the house yelling "HOT DOG!!"
Looks like Megan is playing Peek-A-Boo with Chrissie, and Bella laughing. Lol!
Well there has been a lot of stuff we've been doing. Like. Celebrating Kenzies 12th birthday. Enjoying time with Auntie Linda, Auntie Maddy and Maddy's dog Bo when they came to our house for the weekend. Getting furniture painted/shabby chicked. And Kenzie and Dez have been helping out with The Littles when Mom and Dad go out and work in the garage.
Since this is Kenzie doing this post, I'm going to educate you guys on One Direction. They are British/Irish. There are 5 of them. Harry Styles (Kenzies Fave), Liam Payne (Chrissies Fave), Louis Tomlinson (Bellas fave), Niall Horan (Deztanys Fave) and Zayn Malik (the kids' friend Kalis fave). They just filmed an episode of the kids' fave show, iCarly. And all of the kids thought their performance was really good (you can check out their songs on youtube! At youtube.com/onedirection). They are VERY popular in our house Lol! Kenzie and Dez have all their 1D posters on their walls. They love them so much!
Love Kenzie. xoxo
And P.S. One Direction is AMAZING!!! Lol.

What we've been doing lately... (continued)

This is Kenzie and Chrissie in their One Direction T-Shirts.
They look like their getting ready for a 1D Concert! Haha! (Kenz is saving her money to hopefully get tickets for their 2013 summer tour in Salt Lake City, UT.)
Its so funny when Kenzie shows Chrissie her Liam Payne posters...... Chrissie kisses them! HaHa!
We've been so busy lately! Mom and Dad have been getting some stuff done outside in the garage for their stores, Visiting the Aunties who came in for the weekend and stayed at our house. Kenzie cleaned her room spotless and let them stay in her room. Chrissie got her "Tent Bed" last week, and it works nicely! Bella lost her tooth up in Big Fork a couple weeks ago, Paris wakes up every morning with a different name. Andrew has been helping Mom and Dad in the garage. Chrissie likes Liam Payne (from One Direction). Jordon and Bella like to climb on the table. Jordon really really really likes hats. LOL!
These last 2 posts have been published by: Kenzie

Friday, April 13, 2012

Playing outside

Bella and Jordon swining . We have had a couple of nice days to take the kiddos outside to play and get some much needed yard work done..Bella is so happy to be back in her swing , look at that smile!!!
Jordon Jo sure loves to swing also !! Look at that big old smile ... He sure is an outside boy.. He will help you rake if he can ...
Andrew enjoying some sun...
Kenzie and the new puppy , Sadie May .. She is only 5 weeks old .. But she sure is adorable..

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Please help this sweet little girl come home to her waiting family !!

Please help !!!
This sweet family needs your help and fast !!! They are going to rescue her , she is 14 years old and only weights 14 lbs. That is much smaller than our Bella was when we brought her home.
Bella was 41/2 years old and 19lbs . So Bella was much bigger that sweet "Faith".
You can go to her families blog to read her story , and please if you can donate some funds to help her get home fast!!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter !!!

Bella , Chrissie, Jordon and the crew want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter !!!
Have a great day with family and friends!!
Be blessed for what you do have , not for what you don't have..
We feel very blessed for the wonderful family and friends we have and many new friends we meet along the way.. We try to be like our three little ones. Everybody is their friend !! They love everyone, no questions asked.. We all should be so sweet !! We sure do treasure our three little ones with that something extra... They all sport that extra chromosome ,and it sure does make them perfect.. We love them just like all of our other children...

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Today our little Princess turns 12 years old. It is hard to believe it has been twelve years already.You are now a beautiful almost teenager, and yes by summer time you will be taller than Mom & Dad. Have a great Birthday and remember we all love you very much

Monday, March 26, 2012

"Happy 8th Birthday Bella Faith "

Bella at 4 1/2 living in Serbia
Bella and Chrissie
Kenzie Bella and Chrissie
Jordon, Kenzie,Bella and Chrissie
Jordon and Bella
Yes, Today is Bella's 8th birthday . What a ride it has been with her so far. It is hard to believe that at age 4 1/2 she was a quiet fragile little girl almost baby like living her life in an orphanage on the other side of the world in Serbia.Even though she is still pretty small for an eight year old she is by no means quiet or fragile now, she loves to scream and giggle all the time and she is the biggest tormentor in the family by far, and we wouldn't trade her for anything because not only did we change her life, she has definitely changed the lives of everyone in our family.Happy 8th Birthday to our little Serbian Princess, we all love you very much

Friday, March 23, 2012

Approved for one child with special needs.

We are approved to adopt one child with special needs ..

It all started:when we got a call from our adoption agency.. They have a family with a little guy with special needs , they wanted to disrupt. Sure we would take this little guy .. So we went and met the family and little guy... Then , they changed their minds again. We got that call in Jan 2012. Mind you this family i really feel they love this little guy, but yes there is a but. I am not sure this is the right child for this family.. They have struggled to parent little guy.. Little guy was from out of the USA. This family was not ready to get a little one with many special needs.. One and a big one at that is FAS/FAE ..Little guy has more special needs listed but i won't go into them ..

Anyway we have waited for 2 1/2 months for the family to decide. So now we are ready to use our approved homestudy to adopt a boy or girl 0-7 years old with special needs.. We would like to adopt a little one with down syndrome , just like our other little ones.

We will be adopting in the USA, domestic adoption, or privated domestic placement from a disruption..
If you know of any little ones needing a new forever family you can e-mail us @ jngcampbell9atmsn.com..

We would have loved to be able to adopt from Bulgaria, there is an orphanage that the little ones really need families to get them out of there and to loving homes. They have many medical problems... But , yes that but again. We cannot adopt right now out of the USA.IT IS NOT IN THE PLANS FOR US RIGHT NOW...

We have said many prayers for the family we were waiting on .. We sure hope and pray the best for them all. But we need to move on and see if God has that special little one ready for our family...

If you know a family that is looking to find a family for a little one , have them get in touch with us. We pray that God shows us his plan for our family..


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Yesterday was Andrew's 10th Birthday, it is really hard to believe he is already 10 years old.We all love you very much and hope you had a great day.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patricks Day

It has been the usual craziness around here lately, other than everyone having a cold and runny nose we are all doing great. The four older kiddos are doing good having Dad as their teacher, but we are all looking forward to summer vacation (espically Dad).Even though it is only March we are all getting spring fever and want to get our camp trailer out of storage and ready to travel. One of the places we are planning to see is parts of Canada, even though we don't live far from Canada we have never ventured there, so we are in the process of getting everyone a passport so when summer finally gets here we will be ready to go. Mom and Dad have been very busy working on their ETSY stores and patiently waiting to get outside and work.The three little kiddos are still doing their OT therapy every week and some of the time they actually do some of their therapies and next week they are starting speech therapy so we'll see how that goes. Dad has been threatening the older kids that he is going to find a Listening Therapist for them so they can learn how to listen to Mom & Dad. LOL. We were glad to have three of our wonderful grand kiddos spend a few days with us this past week while their mom and dad went on a mini vacation.It was very busy each day because they had to get up and go to school and we are not used to having a routine like theirs every day, but we all survived and had a great time, it seems very quiet now without them here Nana and Papa Love Ya's. Have a safe St. Paddy''s Day

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Barrel of fun !!!

Jordon and Chrissie playing ..These two are very busy all day long..
What a cute liltte guy.. He sure could use a brother his size .. We are looking to adopt a little toddler boy, from age 0 - 7 years of age . Yes , we would love to adopt one more child with down syndrome .. Jordon loves to play , but he wants to wrestle and the two little girls do not care for that.. They get mad at him. We have an up dated homestudy and are just waiting for our new little one to find us..
Chrissie and Bella playing .. These two are a hoot !! We really love watching them learn everyday .Somedays they both work hard on school and other days they will not do anything at all.Can you just say , stubborn.. Boy we have alot of that in our house.. Two parents , ten children and nine grandchildren.. You will have lots of stubborn little ones running around.. Oh what fun..
Chrissie right after her bath.. She almost loves her bath as much as her food,almost... She is getting so big and beautiful!!! Yes, she sure has been a handful , but we sure do love her..
Bella and Chrissie playing or maybe teasing each other...
All the kiddos are doing great.. We have so many things going on ,it is hard to find time to post he ron the blog.. But we will try to do better...