Monday, April 16, 2012

What we've been doing lately... (continued)

This is Kenzie and Chrissie in their One Direction T-Shirts.
They look like their getting ready for a 1D Concert! Haha! (Kenz is saving her money to hopefully get tickets for their 2013 summer tour in Salt Lake City, UT.)
Its so funny when Kenzie shows Chrissie her Liam Payne posters...... Chrissie kisses them! HaHa!
We've been so busy lately! Mom and Dad have been getting some stuff done outside in the garage for their stores, Visiting the Aunties who came in for the weekend and stayed at our house. Kenzie cleaned her room spotless and let them stay in her room. Chrissie got her "Tent Bed" last week, and it works nicely! Bella lost her tooth up in Big Fork a couple weeks ago, Paris wakes up every morning with a different name. Andrew has been helping Mom and Dad in the garage. Chrissie likes Liam Payne (from One Direction). Jordon and Bella like to climb on the table. Jordon really really really likes hats. LOL!
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