Monday, April 16, 2012

What we've been doing lately...

Here is Kenzie, Bella and Chrissie with their One Direction T-Shirts on. (One Direction is a new British/Irish band Kenzie, Deztany, Bella and Chrissie like.) Kenzie made them and they turned out really cute.
Look at how big Bella has gotten! She likes to run around the house yelling "HOT DOG!!"
Looks like Megan is playing Peek-A-Boo with Chrissie, and Bella laughing. Lol!
Well there has been a lot of stuff we've been doing. Like. Celebrating Kenzies 12th birthday. Enjoying time with Auntie Linda, Auntie Maddy and Maddy's dog Bo when they came to our house for the weekend. Getting furniture painted/shabby chicked. And Kenzie and Dez have been helping out with The Littles when Mom and Dad go out and work in the garage.
Since this is Kenzie doing this post, I'm going to educate you guys on One Direction. They are British/Irish. There are 5 of them. Harry Styles (Kenzies Fave), Liam Payne (Chrissies Fave), Louis Tomlinson (Bellas fave), Niall Horan (Deztanys Fave) and Zayn Malik (the kids' friend Kalis fave). They just filmed an episode of the kids' fave show, iCarly. And all of the kids thought their performance was really good (you can check out their songs on youtube! At They are VERY popular in our house Lol! Kenzie and Dez have all their 1D posters on their walls. They love them so much!
Love Kenzie. xoxo
And P.S. One Direction is AMAZING!!! Lol.

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