Sunday, May 6, 2012

What we've been doing lately, and One Direction Concert Tickets.

 This is right after Kenzie found out next summer Dad~Gary is going to take the 4 bigs and our Granddaughter~Niece, Jenna to see the kids' fave boy band ONE DIRECTION!
Kenzie was the first one of all the kids to know they are going to go see One Direction live in concert next summer in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Yes, Kenzie has been bugging Mom  and Dad about the tickets for a while now. But Kenzie was saving her money to buy her own ticket to see them perform live in concert next year. But everything changed when Kenzie, Dez, Jenna and Megan were down making posters for if they do get to go to the concert. I (yes, its me, Kenzie making these next few posts.) just came up and showed Mom the banner we were making. Mom said "Come here, I want to show you something."
 I walked over there and mom showed me she and Dad bought us tickets to the show!!!! :) I was so excited I started crying. Dez, Jenna and Megan seen me crying. ''Why are you crying'' they  all asked. ''Mom, can i tell the?'' I said. Mom let me ''Okay... NEXT SUMMER WERE GOING TO GO SEE ONE DIRECTION IN CONCERT!" I yelled. I felt kinda bad cause I made Dez cry about it. But she was sooooooooooooooooo happy! So we were making posters and banners like ''WE LOVE YOU 1D!'' one said ''HEY ZAYN! VAS HAPPENIN'?'' one said. ("Vas Happenin'' is Zayns favorite saying.) Were even practicing chanting their names, yelling "WE LOVE YOU 1D!" and "HEY ZAYN, VAS HAPPENIN?". Very exciting. Although the concert isn't till 7/25/13. Were  very excited. I'm counting down the days and right now. It is 445 days till the show (today is 5/6/12).
Thanks fro reading!!!!! Love from Kenzie

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