Friday, July 31, 2009

Welcome home baby Jordon!!!

Here is our newborn son, he is a very handsome little guy...
He was 6lbs, 11.oz, when he was born.
He was 19 inches long and waiting for a loving family to come and get him.
We are so blessed to be that family..

The adoption agency used for this adoption was Adoption Connections. JoAnn and Dick Peckham have 30 years experience with doing adoptions. They are an awesome couple , and we are so thankful to them for our newborn son. We love him so much already...
God was in control on all of this adoption. Jordon is a special gift from God to us. We are enjoying having him in our family.. Would you like to see some pictures of little Jordon??

God had different plans for our family!!!

This is a post that is hard for me to type.. But God had different plans for our family than we did..
We had plans to adopt a almost 6 year old little boy with some special needs , but not many.. We were planning on traveling as soon as we could to bring this special boy home.. We called him Seth~ and we have a room and bed ready for him. We have clothes for him and lots of toys ready for him... We had our luggage packed and waiting to travel out of the country again... Just waiting to hear of that special travel date.. We asked if we could go in June or July , that way we would have child care for our other children... But that was not to be.. So we were waiting , and waiting....

This is when God through in a big curve.
We heard on Reece's Rainbow yahoo group about a baby born in Kansas that was born with down syndrome and drugs in his system. Gary and i looked at reach other and said lets call about this baby... Even though we said we had been done adopting babies.. We only want to adopt older children... We figured we already had been through the baby stages , and our last baby was 6 years old now.. BABY~Jordon was born on July 17th,2009` We heard about him on the 18th, called about him on the 18th. Then we talked to birthmom on the 19th which was on Sunday then , after talking to birthmom we felt pretty good. Well a few minutes later the adoption agency called and said birthmom wants us to parent her baby... We were so excited we packed up things for Gary , I ~Jody and Bella and on Monday the 20th we left for Kansas... Our new baby was born and waiting for us.. God new we wanted one more child with down syndrome... What we didn't know is that would be right now, not later down the road... Boy we were in for a surprise. We had sold or given away all of our baby things.. We were not doing babies any more, remember... So we have had to buy everything new for our baby son... We have had lots of friends bring us new baby items or used very little. We are so thankful for that.. We will need to buy a crib, for now baby ~Jordon is sleeping in a bassinet that his big sister Amber brought over from our little granddaughter that she was in when she was born.. All i got to say is we are loving this little guy so much, we are so thankful to God for bringing him to us!!!!

It has been a very busy two weeks with all the new events going on in our house. So we have not had time to post about everything. We are very hopeful that some one will come forword to adopt Seth. He is a very sweet little boy .. I would love to still go get him, but our adoption agaency won't let us do that right now.. So we need a family to go get Seth~ Aka ~Srecko home very soon... We were very sorry we had to let him go , we have met him and really do love him. But our plans were not the same as God's plans... So here we are... PLEASE PRAY for Srekco to get a new family very soon... It still eats at my heart that we can't go and get him. I am trying to understand that i can't make all the choices , that God does make different ones for us...

So please pray for us also as we get used to having a baby in the house 24/7... We love him so much,,

Monday, July 27, 2009

And the winners are????

I have chose to close the give away for Daisy. We have not had anyone else put in for awhile. So we have chosen the winners!!! And the winners are???

1. Tracy Adams~ she won the gift package of the purse and creams.
2.Apryl Parker~ she won the watch ..
3. Amber Stalker~ she won the necklace and ring with an April birthstone in them..

Thank you to the folks that put into help Daisy come home.
Her forever family leaves very soon to go get her.. We are so happy we could help her..
Thanks again ...

I will be sending these out this week...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Don't forget our adoption fundraiser for Daisy.

Please help bring me home!!!!~ Daisy~

I am giving away three great gifts to help bring Daisy home..

1. Live, Laugh, and Love Cuff Watch..With blue genuine mother of pearl face.
This watch is 29.99.

2. Anew Essential skin care Collection:
Mega bundle tote bag:
Clinical Thermafirm face cream:
Ultimate contouring eye system:
Ultimate age repair day cream:
Clinical plump & smooth lip system:
Rejuvenate revitailizing 2-1 gel cleanser:
This has a 156.00 value..Ladies this is a great package to get..
I love my Anew face creams!!!

3. Also ~ A Diamond necklace and ring~ It is an April Birthstone.. That is Daisy's birthstone..
This is a very beautiful set!!
This set is worth 100.00..
This package is worth $ 286.00 of gifts to give away..
Please help Daisy come home to her forever family!!
What better gift could you give a child...
I would like to see us raise about 1,500.00 for Daisy. So please give to Daisy's fund..
I have a chip in button on the side of my blog. You can donate there..
Thank you so very much to help little DAISY COME HOME....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy 9th birthday Deztany!!!

Happy Birthday Deztany!!!!

Deztany's 9th birthday was July 11, but we had the yard sale. So Dez had to wait one day to have her party.. We had a pizza party ,then she got to blow out the candles on her cake. Then the part she was waiting for , to open her presents.. She was very excited , Deztany got a make up case full of make up. She just loves that. Dez also got lots of other gifts.. They all kept her very busy all night... Thank you to everyone for the nice gifts...
We love you Dez!!!!
We hope you had a great birthday Deztany!!!

July 9th, 10,11, GARAGE SALE DAYS!!!!

We had our first garage sale , it was very busy. But three days in the sun is way to much for me..
Our daughter Amber lives on a very busy street, so we didn't even have to put an add in the newspaper.. So that saves us about 35.00 .. We are now getting ready for the next yard sale. It will be Aug,1st. So we need to go through more of our stuff to sell. We have been very busy all week long.

Congrat"s to Jason & Jazmine!!!

Jason and Jazmine, the new married couple!!!

McKenzie and Bella playing at the park..

Grandma Weezy , Kenzie and Zab's at the park.

Our oldest son Jason, got married July 8th, 2009. They had a small wedding inside, then had a reception in the park.. The park is very pretty and by the river.. It was a very nice time for all.. The children loved being in the park, they have a big play area with slides and a tire swing..

We hope and pray they have many happy years together!!!
We all love ya's very much!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July fun!!!~2009

More pictures from the Tim Montana concert!!

Momma and Bella~

Natalie and Megan at the concert.

Daddy and Bella walking around at the concert.

Gary,Deztany, Bella, Rachel our neighbor, and our grandson Adien..All of us had a great time at the Tim Montana concert.. It was lots of fun ...

July 3rd & July 4th

Mom and Bella at the Tim Montana Concert
Dad and Bella enjoying the music

McKenzie and Bella dancing

Grandma and Bella dancing to the music

Not sure who is having more fun
We had a very very busy 4th of July weekend, on Friday evening we went to a concert featuring Tim Montana, who is a country singer who just happens to be from Butte.We were with 7 of our 8 children plus Grandma and four of our grand children. This was the first ever live concert for all five of our little ones and they sure had a great time dancing to the music . After running and dancing all evening everyone was worn out and ready for bed so Dad & Kenzie were the only ones to watch the big firework display after dark.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!!!

We want to wish everyone a happy & safe 4th of July!!!

Thank you very much to all our services families for being in the line of duty for all of us Americans!!! We really can't thank them enough.....

We also want to thank Andrea, from WWW. Reece' for all the long hours she puts in to find families for all the orphan children with special needs who need forever families!!!!
We would like to ask all families when you buy fireworks, can you save 10.00 of that money and send it to Reece's Rainbow .org to sponsor a family in their adoption journey or to help with funds to keep Reece's going.. It takes lots of funds just to keep up with the bills. So Reece's Rainbow could use some donations... So can you spare at least 10.00 of that firework money, that would only go up in smoke.. If you donate it , it would really help lots of little children who need us all... Please go to WWW.REECE'SRAINBOW.ORG and choose who you would like to donate to.. I am going there right now and start this off with our donation for Reece's Rainbow...

Thank you all so much for all your help!!!!

Be safe ~ with all them fireworks...

God Bless you all~