Monday, July 27, 2009

And the winners are????

I have chose to close the give away for Daisy. We have not had anyone else put in for awhile. So we have chosen the winners!!! And the winners are???

1. Tracy Adams~ she won the gift package of the purse and creams.
2.Apryl Parker~ she won the watch ..
3. Amber Stalker~ she won the necklace and ring with an April birthstone in them..

Thank you to the folks that put into help Daisy come home.
Her forever family leaves very soon to go get her.. We are so happy we could help her..
Thanks again ...

I will be sending these out this week...

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Hello: Mom Dad and Bella I love you i am glad we have a few winners for the fundraiser for Daisy. I love bella so so so so much she is so cute