Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vintage Shabby Chic Furniture

Bellas new chair. This is an old school chair. It is very well built. We bought 4 of these and have redone them for the little ones in our house..Each little one has their name on their chair. So cute.
This is a side table, or plant stand. I painted it and put ( God Is Good All The Time) on it.
This is an awesome side~table.

This is what our deck looks like most days. Furniture ready to be painted oe for Gary to fix and sand down. We work great as a team. Now to sell a few pieces, that would really help.
Antique buffet or sideboard. This is a very beautiful buffet. It soon will be on our Etsy store. The Campbell's country Store.THIS IS BEFORE IT WAS PAINTED.

This is her after she was giving a few beautiful coats of paint and some Annie Sloan soft wax. Look an see how lovely she looks now. She will be on our Etsy store very soon. You can also check out our Mama Bears Fleece Blankets Store on Etsy.You can also check out our blog stores , the buttons at the right will take you to them.

Gary and I ~Jody~ have been working on some new to us furniture. Some are antiques and some are just really neat upcycled pieces of furntiure. That we have brought back to life with a new face lift..The Vintage shabby chic look , i just love it.

Have a great day!!!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Jordon enjoying his ice cream cone !!

He is so adorable!! We love to just watch him. Jordon loves to eat ice cream cones.
Just look - he would make a great milk commercial . Oh boy he is so much fun..
Jordon is the only child in our house that is not being homeschooled yet.
Gary `AKA..Dad is giving it a try this year. He has been working hard to get the other 6 kiddos at the table for school each day... Thank you Gary...
I have been busy painting new to us furniture. Most of it is vintage shabby chic..

Monday, September 5, 2011

~Very Busy People!~

Yes Mom ~Jody~ and Dad ~Gary~ have been busy working on their antiques and vintage furniture. SO to help them out, Kenzie and Deztany have watching the Little's for them. Dad sands them down, and Mom paints them. All last week we all had the flu. it started with Jordon... And ended with Chrissie. So all of the kids had to take the week off of school :(. No one wanted it. Kenzie didn't get it till almost the end (she hid down in her room... Till her and Dad went to get slushies and she stuck upstairs.) Today Mom gave Dad Paris Andrew Grandma Weezy and Uncle Jim a hair cut. They all looked nice! Paris learned how to text today! Now she texts Kenzie all the time... Until she watches TV. Good News for Bella and Kenzie... Their favorite star. Fred Figglehorn (Lucas Cruikshank) is having his 2Nd come out in a couple of weeks. They are so excited!

OH B.T.W (by the way) this is KENZIE.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Very Busy Saturday

cooling off in the river
our neighbors to the north
Shriners on parade
Having a good time
This past Saturday we were lucky enough to take in a Shriner parade. This bunch of clowns were having their annual convention in our hometown and the parade route just happened to be only one block from our house, they came from six different states and parts of Canada and entertained our town for three days.These guys really like to have a good time as you can see by the pictures and we had just as much fun watching them struting their stuff.It was by far the most enjoyable parade we have ever attended.Thank you guys for the wonderful parade and most of all thank you for everything you do for the children.After the parade we headed to our grandson's 2nd birthday party which happened to be 3 hours away from where we live, it was a nice party down by the river and all the kiddos had fun playing in the water because it was so hot outside.Happy Birthday Afton we love you guys and hope to see all of you real soon