Monday, September 5, 2011

~Very Busy People!~

Yes Mom ~Jody~ and Dad ~Gary~ have been busy working on their antiques and vintage furniture. SO to help them out, Kenzie and Deztany have watching the Little's for them. Dad sands them down, and Mom paints them. All last week we all had the flu. it started with Jordon... And ended with Chrissie. So all of the kids had to take the week off of school :(. No one wanted it. Kenzie didn't get it till almost the end (she hid down in her room... Till her and Dad went to get slushies and she stuck upstairs.) Today Mom gave Dad Paris Andrew Grandma Weezy and Uncle Jim a hair cut. They all looked nice! Paris learned how to text today! Now she texts Kenzie all the time... Until she watches TV. Good News for Bella and Kenzie... Their favorite star. Fred Figglehorn (Lucas Cruikshank) is having his 2Nd come out in a couple of weeks. They are so excited!

OH B.T.W (by the way) this is KENZIE.

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