Friday, March 26, 2010

Pictures from Bella's birthday party.

Sweet little Aubrey helping Bella to get her presents open. Bella loved the presents ,but didn't think much of opening them. Bella had a wonderful party. Bella has a big family to love her so much.
The butterfly birthday cake. It reminds us of Bella , she was let free when mama and daddy came and got her from her first home.

Bella going for a walk with Jenna.She looks so cute in her party dress. But then she is so cute in anything she wears.
Bella eating her cupcake. She loves the frosting, not so much the cake.

Bella waiting to eat her cupcake. Bella did great for her party.
This is Bella's second birthday party in the USA. I don't think anybody ever had a party for her before.She sure loves the attention. She is all smiles when we sing Happy Birthday to her. She just lights up. Oh and light up, i lit her birthday candle for her to blow out and she cried. So mom blew out the candle. Maybe next year she can make a wish and blow out the candles.She is only two here in America.
Happy Birthday sweet Bella ~We sure do love you so much~
Thank you to all who came to Bella's party,it was alot of fun..

Happy 6th Birthday Bella !!!

Today is Bella's 6th birthday and we couldn't be prouder to have her as our daughter. She is our little princess. We will be having a party later today. So check back for pictures from her party.

Happy Happy Birthday Bella !!!

WE all love you so much!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bella and Jordon

Beautiful Bella !!
Baby Jordon having a tea party with his niece Aubrey. It was really cute.

This is Bella 's favorite spot, she loves to lay in the sun..

Oh how dare you say that to me!!! This is what it seems like Bella is saying to us..

Jordon eating his book. Oh how we love this little guy.

Happy 8th Birthday Andrew !

Happy 8th Birthday Andrew !!

Awesome cake kiddos !!

Andrew's new hair cut, not sure yet if this new dew fits him..

Yesterday was Andrew's 8th Birthday. We also had his party on his special day. Andrew had an awesome day and he got many nice gifts. But most of all he had fun playing with all the kiddos.

Thank you to everybody that came to Andrew's birthday party. Andrew and McKenzie decorated his cake. Andrew wanted to use the hockey candles ,so that is what they put on his cake . They both did a very good job on the cake..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Great Book to read !!!

This is a must read !! ~ Out of Many, One Family.~

This is writtren by~~ Bart and Claudia Fletcher~~

They are Foster and Adoptive Parents of twelve , yes i said twelve children .
Some are adults now, and most of the children have some kinds of special needs.
By now i think both parents probably have some specials needs now. Boy i would after parenting twelve children. This book is awesome!!! It tells about there journey to and through~ Foster and Adopt their children. I have the book over on my side bar, just click on it and it will take you to there blog for the book sales. This book is well worth the money i paid for it.
Go check it out , it is a must read on my list. I got the book on Saturday and by Monday i had finished it . No i don't have a lot of time to read, but i could not put this book down. It is so so much like our life. I always tell everybody i am going to write a book about our journey through Foster/ Adopt. Boy i think it is time for me to get that part of my life going now.
You can also check out there Family blog ~
there blog name is ~Never a Dull Moment~
Do you think !! With twelve children i would say you don't have time for much besides chasing kids.. When you have special needs children you have to be on there tails 24/7.The Fletcher Family is a very great inspiration , for all of us.
Go check it out !! ~ Love Love Love this book~

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our New Second Home

We decided to purchase a new travel trailer, our old one just never had enough room after the addition of our last two kiddos. We are all getting very anxious to put this to use, but as we sit here making plans to go camping the snow is still falling outside. I think it is a toss up where we will go whether it will be to the zoo in Idaho Falls,ID or Yellowstone Natl. Park, both places are lots of fun for us. It would be nice to get out someplace close to home also, we are very fortunate to live in Montana and have lots of recreational places so close.We will just have to patiently wait for warm temps and sunshine,. but one never knows when this will happen after all we are in Montana and the weather changes quickly.

Kiddos enjoying being outside..

Our son Jake teaching his son Adien how to ride a bike

Deztany doing her back bends "OUCH"

Megan riding her bike from last summer, think she's grown some?

"Yes, Bella can feed herself when she chooses to, which is a hit and a miss

Our grandson Adien is sure a handsome little guy

All the kiddos were able to get outside for some playtime this past week, it has been a long winter and we are all getting spring fever. It is nice for them to get out and burn off all the saved up energy they have.Mom found this picture of Bella feeding herself and was showing it to her, and I don't think she even looked at it, as of today Bella was back to having us feed her at every meal.I don't know why she is doing this, but her hands work just fine when they are into things they are not supposed to be into, she just quit using them to feed herself. She is quite the teaser and enjoys pestering everyone, but thats our Bella and we love her dearly.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bella dancing with her big sissy..
Grandma smooching Jordon..
Aw Jordon sucking his thunb, and look at the cute little ears he has...My little bundle of love..
Megan and Bella playing in there kitchen. They get many hours of cooking time in here, and they love every minute of it..
Bella holding on to the counter to walk around the kitchen...Bella really has come along way , since she ha s a loving family to help her and show her so much love on a daily basis...