Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy 29th Birthday Jason!!!!!!

I didn't have time to post yesterday. It was our oldest sons 29th Birthday... Yes he is 29 for real, i am just 29 and holding for as long as i can..Ha ha...

We hope you had a great day for your birthday Jason..Our oldest son lives 2 1/2hours away so we don't see him that often...

Happy Birthday to you Jason!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Stacy!!!

Happy Birthday Stacey!!! We sure hope you have a great day!!1
Stacey is our next door neighbor, and we share our children... Her girls spend some time at our house and we love having them ..Our girls spend some time at her house also...

Happy Birthday Stacey!!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Please help us bring Seth home!!!!!!

We are working on bringing a little guy home . He is 5 years old and has CP. Cerebral Palsy.. It affects his right side. Seth can run and play ~ he try's to keep up with the other children in his orphanage.. He is a very handsome little boy.. He looks a lot like his Daddy ` Gary and his brother Andrew. We need to get everything done asap... So if you can help us , we would sure appreciate it!!!!!We would love to have him home before the end of the year.. Sooner if we can ~ maybe Sept... So we need lots of help... I will be holding a few yard sales very soon... If anybody has anything they would like to donate to us. Please call and we can pick it up . Or if you would like to make a donation you can send it to us at our home... I did put a donate button up ` click on the donate button and you can donate what ever amount you would like......

Here are the children ~ we are missing one .. We hope to have Seth in the pictures very soon....

Maggie and Camren` They love each other sooo much...

Gary ~ Isn't he just so handsome... I love him so much, as do all of our children....
We love you Gary!!!!!

Baby Aubrey~~` She is sooo adorable!!!! I think she looks like her NaNa ~ ha ha

If you feel you can help us, we would really appreciate it.... Thank you all so much......

Bella has been home 5 months now!!!

Our grandaughter Natalie sitting with our Megan Jodi , they both love to have their pictures taken. They both look so cute..
Bella loving playing outside in the dirt. Bella loves to be outside all day if she can.. She also loves to be with the dogs and pet them. Bella is so good with the dogs.. She just amazes us, with all she can do.

Daddy , Mommy and Bella, We love her sooooo much. We are so glad we have her as one of our daughters.. She brings so much joy to all our lives.. What a blessing she is..We love you Bella boo..
Our grandson Camren and our son Andrew, they love to hang out with each other. Two little tough guys....We love ya boys...

Our daughter Amber and two of her children ~ our grandchildren~ Camren & Natalie..They are so adorable , don't ya think...
We all went to the Mining Museum to look around at all the old buildings and do a photo shoot. We all had a lot of fun . The children had a great time posing for the camera.. Amber does a great job of taking pictures for us. She can get the little ones to smile and maybe look at her. Not sure if we all were looking at her at the same time or not. But we sure tried.. It is always lots of fun to spend the day with our little ones and our grandchildren... Camren, Natalie and Aubrey..
We sure do miss spending time with our other grandchildren~ Xzavier , Jenna , Adien, and Evan.. We don't get to see them very often , they live out of town.. So we get to see them once or twice a month. We love all of you ` our children and our grandchildren very much!!!
Bella has been home for 5 months now . It seems like she has been with us forever. We feel so blessed to have her in our lives, it couldn't be better . Unless she would have been twins. That would have been awesome.. I always wanted to have twins, i sure would have loved a set of twins with D/S.. They would have been so much fun to love on them.. Maybe some day, i can dream can't i???

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring in Montana

This is what it looks like outside our house today... I don't think it every quits snowing in Montana. Yes, we do love it here.. We just can't wait for it to warm up so we can go camping and fishing.. We know Bella will love to be out camping, she loves the out doors.. We are so glad for that...

Want to build a snow man??? Oh ya it is only April, we can have snow until July..
Have a great day everyone...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Living in pleasantville on Easter..

Bella walking in the house and yes , she has her glasses on.. They slide down her nose. We have her other pair from SPEC4US, but we still need to get her lenses in them.
McKenzies little chicken` Isn't it so cute..

This is our son~in ~law ~David and our granddaughter Aubrey..(Daddy and Aubrey)
She is getting so big and she is very beautiful!!! Yes i am partial to our grandchildren and our children..
These are the neighborhood teens in pleasantville. Gary always says he is so glad we live in pleasantville..The neighbors are great, the teens came and brought our children a big basket of toys for Easter and they all even sang Here comes Peter cotton tail...Taht was so awesome they made our day. Thanks Gretchen, Rachel, Courtney, and all the boys..
We also got a gift certificate from the Courtney's , they are one of our neighbors. They sent this for Bella. That was so sweet of them. We have a lot of awesome people in our neighborhood.
Thank you all for being so great to us.
The neighborhood teens having an Easter egg hunt.. They have a great time.. Thanks guys..
We all had a wonderful Easter!!!
Thank you Stacy, Judy and Dana, the children loved the gifts...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Coloring eggs for the Easter bunny & the egg hunt...

The Egg Hunt Is On
Just Waiting For The Word To Start

Amber (Sissy) And Aubrey Getting Ready To Hunt For Eggs

Our Little Egg Coloring Crew

Lots And Lots Of Eggs To Color

We had the whole crew coloring eggs for Easter, it was hard trying to get everyone to change colors, they wanted to color every egg the one color that they happened to have sitting in front of them. This is always a lot of fun and we usually end up with some pretty interesting colors on the eggs as well as the kids.On Easter morning Mom (Nana Jody) hid a whole bunch of plastic eggs filled with goodies outside for a big egg hunt. All the kiddos ended up with a full basket of eggs and the older kids were more than happy to share with the little ones who didn't get as many.The day turned out very nice and sunny which is very unusual for Montana this time of year, it is usually cold and snowy.We were able to to let the kids spend the rest of the day outside playing and riding bikes, it was a very nice Easter.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter egg hunting and lunch out with the children

Easter Egg Hunt In The Snow
Easter Bunny

Patiently Waiting To Go

Natalie pushing on Papa's nose to make his tongue stick out

The Whole Crew Having Lunch At Denny's

On Sunday we took the kids to an Easter egg hunt in the park near our house, we are in Montana so there was still snow on the ground in a lot of places and where there wasn't any snow, the ground was wet and soggy. The kiddos still had a good time even though McKenzie fell and got soaking wet and Bella scratched her face trying to find eggs with her big sister Amber, nobody knew that these shrubs where the eggs were hidden were actually thorn bushes (OUCH).After the hunt we went to lunch and because it was McKenzie's birthday she chose Denny's. We had a total of twelve in our group 4 adults and 8 kids ranging in age from 9yrs down to 6mos old and yes I think the poor waitress earned her money that day. We usually don't go anywhere for meals unless they have a drive thru so this was a whole new adventure for us but it really went pretty smooth.We did have a few accidents during the meal but not anything that doesn't happen at home anyway.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday McKenzie!!!!




We had a Birthday party on Saturday for McKenzie (9yrs), Andrew (7yrs) and Bella (5yrs). All three of them have a birthday within a couple of weeks so it is much easier to get the whole family together and have just one big party. After it warmed up in the afternoon we were able to get outside and play for a bit, we even had a snowball fight.Everyone is getting spring fever and wanting to get ready for camping, but here in Montana we are still getting snowstorms just about every day so it will be a little longer before we can plan anything involving the outdoors.All the kiddos are doing great (and growing waaaaay to fast).We are planning another big family dinner for Easter that will be the last big dinner before summer and then we have most of our meals outside cooking on the bbq.Happy Birthday Kiddos
I also forgot to mention that McKenzie got a ton of Hannah Montana stuff for her birthday from a hat to boots and everything in between. If it has anything to do with Hannah, Kenzie will want it, if she doesn't already have it, yes she is a Hannah Montana Freak

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just a quick up date

We are all doing well. Just really busy with school and all the birthday's we have in a three week span. Then the next week will be Easter. So we are trying to get all the parties ready...
Also keep up with all the children and grandchildren.. How fun is that, we love to have them all at our house.. It is so much fun~

Jake is doing much better~ He is healing up very good. Thank you God !!!

Happy Birthday James!!!!! James is like our adopted son, we love him dearly.. We sure hope you had a great day..