Monday, April 13, 2009

Coloring eggs for the Easter bunny & the egg hunt...

The Egg Hunt Is On
Just Waiting For The Word To Start

Amber (Sissy) And Aubrey Getting Ready To Hunt For Eggs

Our Little Egg Coloring Crew

Lots And Lots Of Eggs To Color

We had the whole crew coloring eggs for Easter, it was hard trying to get everyone to change colors, they wanted to color every egg the one color that they happened to have sitting in front of them. This is always a lot of fun and we usually end up with some pretty interesting colors on the eggs as well as the kids.On Easter morning Mom (Nana Jody) hid a whole bunch of plastic eggs filled with goodies outside for a big egg hunt. All the kiddos ended up with a full basket of eggs and the older kids were more than happy to share with the little ones who didn't get as many.The day turned out very nice and sunny which is very unusual for Montana this time of year, it is usually cold and snowy.We were able to to let the kids spend the rest of the day outside playing and riding bikes, it was a very nice Easter.



Mommy and Daddy i had TONS AND TONS of fun yesterday
Love kenzie

Missy said...

Hi! Can I get an invite to your blog for Sreko? I am adopting Simon through RR. :o)