Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter egg hunting and lunch out with the children

Easter Egg Hunt In The Snow
Easter Bunny

Patiently Waiting To Go

Natalie pushing on Papa's nose to make his tongue stick out

The Whole Crew Having Lunch At Denny's

On Sunday we took the kids to an Easter egg hunt in the park near our house, we are in Montana so there was still snow on the ground in a lot of places and where there wasn't any snow, the ground was wet and soggy. The kiddos still had a good time even though McKenzie fell and got soaking wet and Bella scratched her face trying to find eggs with her big sister Amber, nobody knew that these shrubs where the eggs were hidden were actually thorn bushes (OUCH).After the hunt we went to lunch and because it was McKenzie's birthday she chose Denny's. We had a total of twelve in our group 4 adults and 8 kids ranging in age from 9yrs down to 6mos old and yes I think the poor waitress earned her money that day. We usually don't go anywhere for meals unless they have a drive thru so this was a whole new adventure for us but it really went pretty smooth.We did have a few accidents during the meal but not anything that doesn't happen at home anyway.



Mom & Dad i had LOTS of fun at Dennys i loved the pizza applesauce teddy grams and icecream yesterday it was soooooo nice out i had fun pretending to sun-tan with Rachel (my friend/next door neighbor)Her Me Deztany & Maggie had a kind of a fun time cause Andrew kept trying to run us over with his bike plus he rode his bike with only socks on! witch he is not allowed to ride his bike wth only socks on!! Me Rachel Dez & Maggie tried to sun-tan
love Kenzie (the 9 year old) loveya lots!!!!!!!

Christine said...

How fun! Waitresses always earn their tips with us. ;)

Amy said...

That looks like fun! Does your snow ever go away? LOL!