Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Living in pleasantville on Easter..

Bella walking in the house and yes , she has her glasses on.. They slide down her nose. We have her other pair from SPEC4US, but we still need to get her lenses in them.
McKenzies little chicken` Isn't it so cute..

This is our son~in ~law ~David and our granddaughter Aubrey..(Daddy and Aubrey)
She is getting so big and she is very beautiful!!! Yes i am partial to our grandchildren and our children..
These are the neighborhood teens in pleasantville. Gary always says he is so glad we live in pleasantville..The neighbors are great, the teens came and brought our children a big basket of toys for Easter and they all even sang Here comes Peter cotton tail...Taht was so awesome they made our day. Thanks Gretchen, Rachel, Courtney, and all the boys..
We also got a gift certificate from the Courtney's , they are one of our neighbors. They sent this for Bella. That was so sweet of them. We have a lot of awesome people in our neighborhood.
Thank you all for being so great to us.
The neighborhood teens having an Easter egg hunt.. They have a great time.. Thanks guys..
We all had a wonderful Easter!!!
Thank you Stacy, Judy and Dana, the children loved the gifts...


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Just love seein Bella Walking :) Looks like yall have lots of family to love yall good there in pleasantville :)

Happy Belated Easter


Mom you typed that wrong the gifts that the neighbors gave us was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool i had bubbles and a mic that echos its cool but i dont know where it is i am watching CHOWDER on tv its is 8:52 pm here
Love Kenzie

Amy said...

I got tears in my eyes as I read about the teens in your neighborhood and looked at their picture. What an awesome group of kids! And of course Bella looks darling with her glasses on and walking.:)What a big girl!