Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bella is getting to be a big girl !!

Bella playing at the new kitchen set. She is feeding herself with the big spoon.
Bella getting down from the kids picnic table.

Bella clinbing on the kids table. Bella is doing so well, she is really trying to keep up with all the other kiddos..
Bella looks so big in this picture. She is being like the big kids. Bella is really trying so hard these last few weeks. We re so proud of her for all she can do.

Beautiful big girl Bella Faith~ We are so excited for Bella , sher has made a lot of progress these last two weeks. She is trying so hard to keep up with all the kids. She also is trying to walk by herself. She is hanging on to her play yard and the stove. But she is taking steps by herself and not having us hold her hands. Bella is still fighting with Dad about her eating issuses. Mom makes her feed herself, but Bella knows how to work her Daddy . She likes to have her Daddy feed her all the time.
Bella has also gotten really affectionate, she loves to be held and will give us many many kisses and snuggles. It is really pretty awesome. It is like she finally came all the way out of her shell. It is so neat to snuggle with Bella and then she will give you a big kiss.
GO BELLA~ GO BELLA~ We love her so much!! We are so very very proud of her...

Friday, December 25, 2009

More Christmas day photos !!

The Campbell Clan

Opening Presents

Isn't She A Cutie

Deztay, Camren,Uncle Jim (standing),David and Amber

Merry Christmas to all !!!

Amber, Dad- Gary, Bella, and Gramma

Maggie snuggling Aubrey after Christmas Dinner

Waiting for Dinner

Mom-Jody and Bella opening their gifts

The end of a really long day

We had Christmas dinner at our daughter and son-in-law's house this year, lots of family friends and really good food. We had a quiet Christmas eve at home until it was time for bed and then nobody could sleep because of the excitement of waiting for Santa. Maggie was the most excited of the bunch and was probably awake most of the night checking to seee if the jolly ole man had arrived yet. At 4:30am or so we had the whole gang up and ready to open presents, the only one sleeping in was baby Jordon.Mom wanted everyone to go back to bed for a few more hours (no this did not happen) so we all started our day really early. The kiddos got lots of presents and they were all very excited, including little Ms. Bella. We spent the rest of the day playing toys and games and cleaning up mess after mess until it was time to go to Amber & Davids for dinner and more presents. It was so much fun seeing our grand-children enjoying all their presents. Thank you Amber & David for having all of us over for dinner, and we feel very blessed to have you so close by.After dinner it was time to call it a day and head home and put everyone to bed including mom and dad. We hope everyone had a very merry Christmas

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kiddo's new kitchen set

Megan holding her new little angel . This came with their new kitchen set that was specialy made for them. An awesome couple from Kalispell wanted our children to have an awesome Christmas. They new our children would love this and our grandchildren , they would play with this for many years. So on Tuesday we took 4 of the children with us and took the long drive to pick the kitchen set up . It was 4 hours each way, in the rain and snow. But we wanted to be able to pick this up before Christmas. Oh i can't even tell you how awesome the kitchen set is. On the way home Megan kept asking what was in the box. Well mom couldn't wait , so i had her open it up. It had lots of things in it for the kitchen set, POTS, PANS, WOODEN SPOONS AND FORKS, LITTLE BASKET WITH KITCHEN TOWELS IN IT, A COOK BOOK, WHICH THE CHILDREN THINK IS PRETTY SWEET. tHERE IS A MAIL BOX, FLOWER BOX , HOT PADS, AND A PRETTY LITTLE WOODEN PLAUQE WITH A FLOWER PAINTED ON IT. When Megan seen this she told me oh i see something beautiful in there. Then she pulled out the wooden plauqe with the flower on it. She just thought it was so pretty.

So when we got home from Kalispell, Gary~ Dad went and picked up our 2 kiddos and 2 of our grandchildren to spend the night and play with the new kitchen set. They had so much fun, we had to then away from the kitchen set to make them go to sleep. That was really very late for them. Then the next morning they where right back at it in there kitchen.

All the children cooking in there little kitchen. Boy do they make some good chicken noodle soup. Then they made some good cakes. They have great imagination, and had oh so much fun. They sure love the cook book that came with it. Mom ~Jody makes the little aprons, so she will need to make all of the kiddo's new aprons to match. They even have really cans of food to store in there kitchen ..

Natalie, our grand daughter . She just loves to play here. She would stay for hours if she could..

This is a close up of the stove, sink and cabinets.
Thank you so much Janet and Kevin for making this set for our children and grandchildren. They will have many hours of fun here.. Thank you so much for thinking of our children..

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Meaning of Christmas

Baby Jordon eating from a spoon

Bella taking over Daddy's recliner

Bella enjoying nephew Camren's Christmas program

Jordon at the Christmas program

Camren is in the top row between the girl and the boy with the white shirt & tie
It has been very busy around our house lately,never a dull moment. First of all our grandson Camren was in his very first Christmas program at school and we were brave enough to take all six of our little ones to enjoy it, everyone was well behaved the whole time and enjoyed the program. The only mishap was when Bella decided to throw up all over Mom & McKenzie, but everyone survived. You did a great job Camren and we are all so proud of you and love you very much
.On Saturday the 19th Dad and McKenzie were grocery shopping and donated a toy to the Toys for Tots program and after returning home and talking with Mom it was decided by everyone that we would like to help those less fortunate than us. Mom is Christmas shopping all year long so we have quite an inventory of toys and other items on hand all the time, so she cleared out her inventory and the kiddos donated it all to the Marine Corps for Toys for Tots, we estimated approx. $500.00 in toys and winter coats hats and gloves.Later on that afternoon the kids wanted to donate their money they have been saving to a homeless person, so off goes Dad and the four older kids to find a homeless person, we did find a homeless couple in front of Wal- Mart and handed them the can of money and wished them a Merry Christmas and the kids did notice the smiles on this couples faces. The kids were so proud of themselves for all this giving and learning the real meaning of Christmas. Kids Mom & Dad are so proud of all of you for thinking of others and we love each and everyone of you ,we have a very special family. I'm sure Santa will remember how thoughtful you have all been

Friday, December 11, 2009


Natalie & Baby Jordon
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Adien & Bella watching a movie

Adien shaving in the bathtub

Jordon & Maggie chilling out

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom~Jody

Happy Birthday Mom~Jody. Today Is Mom~Jody's Birthday... for real we just hope you have the most AWESOME day...Bella and Mommy at the second Visit look at how cute they are. :)
There is the most awesome Mom in the world. :)
Mommy and Bella playing together aint Bella so cute???!!!!:)

Happy Birthday Mom~Jody Hope you have a great day
love Kenzie Dez Andrew Megan Bella Jordon and Gary~Dad :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We are fundraising to help children in foster care have a nice Christmas.

We have changed our chip in . We will be fundraising for children in foster care in the USA.As you may know we have adopted some of our children from foster care. We know how much it means to them to get a gift at Christmas. We will be collecting funds and donating gifts. If you would like to send a gift, just e-mail us and we can give you our address to send a gift. We will be delivering these on Dec18th, so the children will get them for Christmas. Last year we took gifts for the children in Eastern Europe, so we thought it would be a good idea to bring gifts this year to children in the US. We have in the past worked with Toys for tots to get gifts for foster children and then we would buy the wrapping paper and Amber and i would spend some time wrapping gifts . Then we would deliver them to DFS. IN Butte. It is nice to know that people really enjoy what they have gotten for a gift.

WE as a family usually pick a family or an organization to donate to every year. This year the kids thought it would be great to bring gifts for the foster children.So if you feel led to help , please donate and our ywo 9 year old girls would be very happy when they get to take the donations over to the office for the children.

Thank you very much, and they will even put your name on the card they take over there .. Happy Holidays to you all.