Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kiddo's new kitchen set

Megan holding her new little angel . This came with their new kitchen set that was specialy made for them. An awesome couple from Kalispell wanted our children to have an awesome Christmas. They new our children would love this and our grandchildren , they would play with this for many years. So on Tuesday we took 4 of the children with us and took the long drive to pick the kitchen set up . It was 4 hours each way, in the rain and snow. But we wanted to be able to pick this up before Christmas. Oh i can't even tell you how awesome the kitchen set is. On the way home Megan kept asking what was in the box. Well mom couldn't wait , so i had her open it up. It had lots of things in it for the kitchen set, POTS, PANS, WOODEN SPOONS AND FORKS, LITTLE BASKET WITH KITCHEN TOWELS IN IT, A COOK BOOK, WHICH THE CHILDREN THINK IS PRETTY SWEET. tHERE IS A MAIL BOX, FLOWER BOX , HOT PADS, AND A PRETTY LITTLE WOODEN PLAUQE WITH A FLOWER PAINTED ON IT. When Megan seen this she told me oh i see something beautiful in there. Then she pulled out the wooden plauqe with the flower on it. She just thought it was so pretty.

So when we got home from Kalispell, Gary~ Dad went and picked up our 2 kiddos and 2 of our grandchildren to spend the night and play with the new kitchen set. They had so much fun, we had to then away from the kitchen set to make them go to sleep. That was really very late for them. Then the next morning they where right back at it in there kitchen.

All the children cooking in there little kitchen. Boy do they make some good chicken noodle soup. Then they made some good cakes. They have great imagination, and had oh so much fun. They sure love the cook book that came with it. Mom ~Jody makes the little aprons, so she will need to make all of the kiddo's new aprons to match. They even have really cans of food to store in there kitchen ..

Natalie, our grand daughter . She just loves to play here. She would stay for hours if she could..

This is a close up of the stove, sink and cabinets.
Thank you so much Janet and Kevin for making this set for our children and grandchildren. They will have many hours of fun here.. Thank you so much for thinking of our children..


Melissa said...

That is REALLY nice! What a blessing for you and for the kids :)

Rita Andrews said...

what a beautiful gift you were blessed with. I know the children will love it!!!