Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bella is getting to be a big girl !!

Bella playing at the new kitchen set. She is feeding herself with the big spoon.
Bella getting down from the kids picnic table.

Bella clinbing on the kids table. Bella is doing so well, she is really trying to keep up with all the other kiddos..
Bella looks so big in this picture. She is being like the big kids. Bella is really trying so hard these last few weeks. We re so proud of her for all she can do.

Beautiful big girl Bella Faith~ We are so excited for Bella , sher has made a lot of progress these last two weeks. She is trying so hard to keep up with all the kids. She also is trying to walk by herself. She is hanging on to her play yard and the stove. But she is taking steps by herself and not having us hold her hands. Bella is still fighting with Dad about her eating issuses. Mom makes her feed herself, but Bella knows how to work her Daddy . She likes to have her Daddy feed her all the time.
Bella has also gotten really affectionate, she loves to be held and will give us many many kisses and snuggles. It is really pretty awesome. It is like she finally came all the way out of her shell. It is so neat to snuggle with Bella and then she will give you a big kiss.
GO BELLA~ GO BELLA~ We love her so much!! We are so very very proud of her...


Missy said...

How nice to hear of Bella's progress!!! Isn't it fun when they finally DO come out of their shells? :o)

How old is she, now?

Zactly said...

Great news about Bella! Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year to your family. I know there were some hard dissapointments/changes in God's plans for you all in 2009. I wanted to send you a hug (( )). Hope 2010 is a good year for you all.