Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy 31st Birthday Jason !!!

We hope you have a wonderful day today and always!! Happy birthday to you!!

Happy birthday to you !!!

We hope to see you soon..

Love from all of us !!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

McDonalds Fire in Butte,Mt

Fire breaks out just before 4:00pm

Fighting the fire from above

A total loss

A view from across the street

sad Just getting started

Our local McDonalds burned to the ground this afternoon. It was a very emotional scene for our kiddos,because we all know how kids love McDonalds. We are very thankful that their were no injuries to employees,customers or firefighters

Thursday, April 14, 2011

McKenzie's 11th birthday party !!

Happy 11th birthday McKenzie !!! I know this post is very late.. But better late than never..She is such a beautiful young women..God blessed us dearly with McKenzie our first adopted child..What a blessing she has been to all of us... Thank you so much Kenzie for being you..We love you so much..
McKenzie and one of her best buddies Kali !! Not sure where her buddy Rachel was..
Big sister Amber watching the little ones .. Do you see Bella outside with all the kiddos while they play football. She was not staying in the house while all the kiddos were outside..Bella lets us know she is a big girl now. She wants to play and run just like the other children..
Do you see her again. Bella is chasing after the other kiddos...
Family and friends for Kenzies birthday party...

We hope you had a great 11th birthday this year Kenzie!!!!

We all love you so much !!!

Love Dad & Mom & all the family !!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Save the date ~Boss your heart Ministry~

I don't know if y'all will be able to see this large enough to read it. I think if you click on the photo, it will show it larger on another screen. In memory of Chrissie and in remembrance of the day Chrissie went to heaven (which is approaching all too quickly), we are hosting the first annual “Boss Your Heart” Benefit on Saturday, May 21, 2011 from 10AM-5PM at the San Marcos Civic Center. There will be a team roping event, along with children’s activities, food/concessions, a silent auction, and a whole lot of family fun! We are in the process of forming a 501c3 (non-profit) in memory of Chrissie as well. All proceeds from the benefit will go to Boss Your Heart Orphan Ministries, which will be a non-profit to help orphans in memory of Chrissie. We NEED help to make this possible. God recently laid this idea on our hearts, not leaving us a whole lot of time for planning, but we feel confident that He will lift up a team of volunteers to help us make this dream a reality. If you would like to help us with this benefit, please contact me at We would be so very blessed by your support! There are so many areas where we need help; there will be something for everyone to do. Please prayerfully review the list below to see if God might have you help in some way. We are grateful for your friendship, prayers and support, and we look forward to seeing what God does as we commit to carrying out the legacy of love, joy, and hope that God so abundantly blessed us with through our Princess Chrissie. It is our greatest desire to bring God’s love to orphans around the world through the efforts of Boss Your Heart Orphan Ministries, all for His glory, in memory of our precious princess. Please forward this to anyone you know who might want to help! 1st Annual Boss Your Heart Memorial Benefit & Team Roping May 21, 2011 10AM-5PM Hays County Civic Center San Marcos, TX Team roping, children’s activities, silent auction, food/concessions, family fun! We need TONS of volunteers. We need people to start right now with various areas, but we’ll also need people to help the day of the event. There’s a place for everyone to be able to help, and the more help we have, the easier it will be on everyone to make this a huge success, in memory of Chrissie. (If you live out of town, please consider donating an item for the silent auction.) Here are the areas where we need HELP (if I’ve forgotten something, please let me know!!!): · Corporate sponsors o Need a chairperson to solicit sponsorships o Need as many sponsors as possible o Need someone to send thank you notes to sponsors o Need someone to organize listing the sponsors on a banner/signs · Food/concessions o Need a chairperson to organize o Need lots of helpers to serve, work shifts, etc. o Will serve BBQ plates (need cooks!!!) o Would like to have a cotton candy machine, sno cones, etc. · Children’s Entertainment o Need a chairperson to organize o Need lots of volunteers to set up activities, work shifts, etc. o Would love to have inflatables and maybe even a mechanical bull, funded by corporate sponsors · Publicity (PSA’s, newspaper articles, fliers) o Need a chairperson to organize publicity 1. Radio stations (PSA’s: K-LOVE and local stations) 2. Newspaper 3. Fliers (create a flier) 4. Free publications (Hill Country Sun, Hill Country News and Views) 5. Banner to hang at the event · Set Up Crew o Need a chairperson to organize o Need lots of volunteers who can arrive early to get things set up on May 21 · Clean Up Crew o Need a chairperson to organize o Need lots of volunteers to help clean up after the event · Decorations o Need chairperson to organize o Need volunteers to decorate the day of the event · Silent Auction o Need chairperson to organize (Carrie and Maris: are y’all wanting to be titled as the chairpersons?!?) o Need LOTS of donations (anyone can gather donations at any time) · Team Roping o Chairpersons: Troy and Jamie Ashford o Need someone to solicit prizes: saddle?, buckles? o Kids’ prizes · Children’s Rodeo Contests o Need chairperson to organize several events for the kids to enter between roping rounds (in main arena as well as things to have on the grounds that are rodeo-related for the kids to participate in) 1. Ideas include a dummy roping (kids pay a fee to enter in the dummy roping where they try to rope a calf dummy on the ground), stick horse barrel races, kids relay races in the arena · T-shirts o Need a chairperson to organize (I have the contacts, just need someone to take care of the details) Pam Sadler · Website o A friend has great ideas for the website (and is able to do a lot with websites), but it would be extremely helpful if someone would be willing to build the website template. •Please mail auction donations to: ◦Lorraine Patterson, PO Box 1708, Kyle, TX 78640  Posted by Lorraine, AKA Forever Blessed We are so excited for the Patterson Family !! Can you help with donations of gifts or of money.. Thank you ~Jody~

Monday, April 11, 2011

All eyes !!!

Jordy standing on his head..
Look at that big smile!!! Bella loves having a family...She has really came along ways in our family!!! We love this little girl with all our hearts...
What a beautiful smile from our Princess!!!
Dad trying to teach Jordy how to drink out of a straw.. Jordons telling dad no way dude...
Andrew has been dressing in Gary;s old work clothes. He tells us he is going to work. I guess now that dad is home Andrew feels he should go to work now...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Birthday McKenzie

Today is our McKenzie's 11th birthday, it seems like it was only yesterday she was a baby rocking with her mommy and daddy. We are very proud of Kenzie and everything she can do. She is very mature for an eleven year old, and is very helpful to mom and dad, espically with electronics, computers, and cell phones, she also has a very very good memory that comes in very handy sometimes. This afternoon we are letting her go to the movie "Hop" with her two buddies and without mom or dad, yes this is a first. Anyway we all hope you have a great Birthday Kenzie We love you very much Love Mom, Dad an yhe rest of the crew

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fool's Day!!

Yes it's April Fool's day. And today Mom~Jody and Mckenzie got their eye's checked. They had a goofy idea to get contact's. Mom~Jody had a better time getting them in than getting them out, Kenzie on the other hand had a better time getting them out. So about an hour after we got home Kenzie and Mom~Jody had to take them out. Kenzie took 10 minute's to take them out, and Mom~Jody took a longer time cause she was better putting them in. SO Kenzie and Mom~Jody took an hour and a half trying to get them out of Jody's eye's. Kenzie told her if she had them or not. SO it was "KENZIE TO THE RESCUE". It was quite the experience getting contact's. Kenzie's eye's did okay and Mom's had a little bit of a tough time getting them out. SO IF YOU DID ANY PRANK'S TODAY IF YOU WANT YOU CAN TELL US WHAT YOU DID! THIS IS A POST BY MCKENZIE CAMPBELL! :-)