Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fool's Day!!

Yes it's April Fool's day. And today Mom~Jody and Mckenzie got their eye's checked. They had a goofy idea to get contact's. Mom~Jody had a better time getting them in than getting them out, Kenzie on the other hand had a better time getting them out. So about an hour after we got home Kenzie and Mom~Jody had to take them out. Kenzie took 10 minute's to take them out, and Mom~Jody took a longer time cause she was better putting them in. SO Kenzie and Mom~Jody took an hour and a half trying to get them out of Jody's eye's. Kenzie told her if she had them or not. SO it was "KENZIE TO THE RESCUE". It was quite the experience getting contact's. Kenzie's eye's did okay and Mom's had a little bit of a tough time getting them out. SO IF YOU DID ANY PRANK'S TODAY IF YOU WANT YOU CAN TELL US WHAT YOU DID! THIS IS A POST BY MCKENZIE CAMPBELL! :-)

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