Thursday, April 14, 2011

McKenzie's 11th birthday party !!

Happy 11th birthday McKenzie !!! I know this post is very late.. But better late than never..She is such a beautiful young women..God blessed us dearly with McKenzie our first adopted child..What a blessing she has been to all of us... Thank you so much Kenzie for being you..We love you so much..
McKenzie and one of her best buddies Kali !! Not sure where her buddy Rachel was..
Big sister Amber watching the little ones .. Do you see Bella outside with all the kiddos while they play football. She was not staying in the house while all the kiddos were outside..Bella lets us know she is a big girl now. She wants to play and run just like the other children..
Do you see her again. Bella is chasing after the other kiddos...
Family and friends for Kenzies birthday party...

We hope you had a great 11th birthday this year Kenzie!!!!

We all love you so much !!!

Love Dad & Mom & all the family !!

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