Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our family and friends near and far. We sure hope you all have a wonderful day filled with love and laughter. Yes, Also lots of food. We feel very blessed this year.

WE are so thankful for all of our children, we are very very thankful that our son Jake is still here with us this year. If you all remember he was in a very bad wreck. He is doing so much better. Thank you God for letting us keep Jake here with us longer. We treasure everyday we have with each other.

We also got an unexpected gift of our little baby Jordon Joseph this past July. Yes, he does have Down Syndrome and we so love him very much.We have had a very emotional year this year.

We send love to everyone of our children, big and small. We love you all!!!We are very blessed to have nine children,eight grandchildren and a large family. We can pray that our family continues to grow..It is so much joy to have a large family and enjoy everyones company.

I am also very Thankful for my wonderful husband!! He understands me and truly loves all children. So thank you for all the great years together so far.. I pray we have many many more years together.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !!!
We have been very blessed this year..
Thank you God!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Bella entered her new home in America one year ago today, even though we arrived home from our trip at 2:00am all of her brothers and sisters were up waiting to meet her.It has been a wonderful year for all of us, espically Bella. She was introduced to a whole new world with unfamalier faces and surroundings very quickly. We have managed to change a quiet , fragile, no personality child into this beautiful little girl that is so full of energy and curiosity that we sometimes we have a hard time keeping up with her. She has come so far in just one short year by learning some sign language, feeding herself and most of all learning to give and receive affection and developing her own little personality. We are still working on some things all the time such as teaching her that we will comfort her whenever she needs comforting, she has to leave ALL of her clothes on all the time, and most of all she will walk on her own. Her occupational therapist is always giving us different things and ideas to try with Bella, but the one thing we cannot seem to make any progress with is her stubborness, some days she will eagerly work on her walking, other days it's easier to crawl or scoot. After just one year we are very excited how far our little princess has come and each day brings on new accomplishments in her new life, we love her for everything she Can and Can't do . Bella we love you

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today is a very special day in the Campbell home for two reasons. First it is the one year anniversery of our precious Bella, it is hard to believe it has been one year already that we sat at a table with some very special people in Serbia and finalized the adoption of our princess and she officially became a Campbell. Congratulations Bella, it has been a very good year and you have made such great progress, we are all very proud of you and everything you've accomplished. We love you very very much.

Second, our little (yeah right) Jordon is four months old today. He is growing so fast (almost 14lbs.) now and developing such a happy personality, he has a smile that the girls will love because it just melts our hearts now. Happy 4 month birthday little guy we love you

Monday, November 16, 2009

The three littlest kiddos!

Megan and Bella
Bella taking a nap.

Megan and Jordon
Jordon our baby boy.

Megan and Adien making cup cakes today. Oh boy were they good. Thanks kiddos.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Out in Serbia !!

Hello: Svetlana & Vlado, We sure do miss you two. It was so nice to spend time with you both.
You both where so much help to us , we couldn't have seen so many sites without you all. Oh and the company was pretty good also. Thanks for everything !!
This is the church close by the apt we rented.

Oh how i loved having this little store so close to our apt. Svetlana took me shopping there the first day there. I think i went there every day we were in Serbia.

Bella giving mommy one of Bella's famous kisses. Oh how we love those kisses.

Mommy and Bella getting to know each other. Mommy had to fix Bella's hair everyday. Doesn't she look so beautiful ? We sure think she is precious . We thank God everyday for our little Serbian princess .

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1 Year ago today we met our little Princess!!!

Daddy getting one of Bella's famous lick kisses
What are these people doing with me?

The wonderful ladies that brought us together with our Princess

Mommy and Bella at their first meeting

Bella when she was a baby

One year ago today we met our little Princess for the first time.It was a very emotional meeting for both mom and dad and a day that we will never forget. It was hard to believe we were actually holding our newest daughter knowing that she would soon be leaving with us and becoming a part of our family. Bella we all love you more than you can imagine and feel very blessed to have you in our family. Thank You again to all of our friends in Serbia for making all of this possible, we are forever grateful.

Monday, November 9, 2009

This is our Grandson Adien getting ready for Halloween

Yes Adien is a Cheerleader and he does have a great sense of humor

Ra Ra Ra Yeah Team

Sometimes I scoot on my butt

Sometimes I will use my walker

Sunday, November 8, 2009

From Belgrade Mt. to Belgrade Serbia

Bella now` walking with her walker.
Bella feeding herself.

Mommy carrying Bella in the airport , on our way home to the USA.

Mama meeting Magdalena~Bella. It was love at first sight.

Daddy meeting Bella , his little princess.

It is still hard to believe it has been one full year that we boarded our flight in Belgrade Montana on our journey to meet our little princess now known as Bella. Our travel up to this point has been limited to Montana and surrounding states and always by car.Gary's flying experiences have been a few short one hour flights from Butte,Mt to Salt Lake City, and Jody had never set foot on an airplane before this journey. We were both very nervous about leaving our other kids behind and traveling to an unfamalier destination half way around the world.We would look at each other every once in a while , and I know we were both thinking the things, are we going to be safe, and what in the world are we getting ourselves into. Other than having to run thru every airport on the way to our next flight and Jody's motion sickness the whole flight everything went pretty smooth and uneventful all the way to Serbia.Upon our arrival we were met at the airport by Vlado (the gentleman we rented our apartment from),shortly after arriving at our apartment we were priviliged to meet his wonderful wife Svetlana. This couple quickly put our minds at ease and made us feel welcome in their country, they became our friends immediately and were very very helpful to us during our two week stay, they showed us everything we needed to know to live in their city and we can't thank them enough for all they did for us.
Our meeting with the officials was very pleasant and the only thing we were uncomfortable with was the language barrier, but thanks to our facilitator and our lawyer translating for us we were able to get thru the meeting.After the meeting we were off to the orphanage to meet our newest daughter for the first time. When they handed Bella to her new mommy and daddy we both had tears in our eyes because we realized this was a real child we were holding and that we had just traveled halfway around the world to get her.Every day we visited Bella we could see the many changes she was going thru from the love of a mommy and daddy and how quickly she was bonding with us and us with her.The hardest part of the visit was having to say goodbye and leave leaving her behind, but we were counting down the days to when we would be able to take her home with us forever.

When we arrived home everyone immediately fell in love with her and there isn't a person yet that Bella doesn't like. She continues to grow and thrive every day and makes life very interesting at the Campbell home. Bella is going to be a demolition expert because she lkes to go thru the house disrupting everything in her path. Our Bella is the most hard headed and stubborn child we have ever met but we wouldn't want her any other way.She is now finally able to sit and snuggle with us and show affection. So all of her mischievous actions are quickly forgotten when we get one of her hugs and lick kisses and a smile that melts our hearts.Bella, we completely changed your world for you and yes you have changed ours too,but never once do we ever regret boarding that plane early one November day on our journey to get you.Bella we love you sooo much and we are blessed to have you as part of our family.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

All children need a family to love them!!

Daddy and Bella !!

We are very Thankful for all of our children. We are extremely Thankful for E.E and all the officials for believing in us to be able to parent our little Magdalena~Bella. We love her so much and have seen her blossom in our home. Bella is loved by all of her family so much, she is the center of attention all the time.
Bella will be home one year this month, we are so excited she has made so much progress in that time. We would still love her very much even if she didn't make any progress. She is our daughter and we love her so very very much. We can only pray that E.E COUNTRY will continue to believe in families to be able to adopt their children and bring them home and love them unconditionally.

We pray that Magdalena's~Bella story can help other children be able to be adopted into families, that will love them so much.

Children with special needs are not high on the list here in the USA, they abort many special needs babies before they can be born. We have many many children in our Foster Care system that need loving families to care and love them. They have not had a very good start in life. We think that in other countries that the children are not taken care of. But please take a look at the children in the USA, there are lots of children small and large that need someone to love them .

I quess what we are trying to say is every child needs a loving family for them to grow and learn. We all need to see children for who they are , not for what any of them can or cannot do!!!
Please say a few prayers for all the little and big children of the world who need someone to love them.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The most awesome Halloween Party !!!

Big sister Amber and family.
All the kiddo's having fun at the party!

Mckenzie in her new codtume half angel half devil

Half of the kid's and jake playing the Wii (a television game fun for everyone)

No we never went trick or treating !!

We went to big sister Amber's and brother in law David's house. They had a haunted house witch was awesome. They had a great time in the haunted house! Some maybe scared but they got used to it. Megan was scared of the sound efects so big sister Amber had a to turn them off. The sound efects were on a tape there where hidden candy in the haunted house. All the kiddo's hope to have a haunted house again next year!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our new on -line store.

We have opened up a new on - line store, on e- bay for now. We still need to get our web store up and going. We will be donating some of the sales to Reece's RAINBOW and to fight Breast cancer. Here is the link to our store, click on the fleece blanket and it will take you to our store.
Thank you