Sunday, November 22, 2009


Bella entered her new home in America one year ago today, even though we arrived home from our trip at 2:00am all of her brothers and sisters were up waiting to meet her.It has been a wonderful year for all of us, espically Bella. She was introduced to a whole new world with unfamalier faces and surroundings very quickly. We have managed to change a quiet , fragile, no personality child into this beautiful little girl that is so full of energy and curiosity that we sometimes we have a hard time keeping up with her. She has come so far in just one short year by learning some sign language, feeding herself and most of all learning to give and receive affection and developing her own little personality. We are still working on some things all the time such as teaching her that we will comfort her whenever she needs comforting, she has to leave ALL of her clothes on all the time, and most of all she will walk on her own. Her occupational therapist is always giving us different things and ideas to try with Bella, but the one thing we cannot seem to make any progress with is her stubborness, some days she will eagerly work on her walking, other days it's easier to crawl or scoot. After just one year we are very excited how far our little princess has come and each day brings on new accomplishments in her new life, we love her for everything she Can and Can't do . Bella we love you

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Congratulations!! That is so awesome!! Go Bella!!