Thursday, November 5, 2009

All children need a family to love them!!

Daddy and Bella !!

We are very Thankful for all of our children. We are extremely Thankful for E.E and all the officials for believing in us to be able to parent our little Magdalena~Bella. We love her so much and have seen her blossom in our home. Bella is loved by all of her family so much, she is the center of attention all the time.
Bella will be home one year this month, we are so excited she has made so much progress in that time. We would still love her very much even if she didn't make any progress. She is our daughter and we love her so very very much. We can only pray that E.E COUNTRY will continue to believe in families to be able to adopt their children and bring them home and love them unconditionally.

We pray that Magdalena's~Bella story can help other children be able to be adopted into families, that will love them so much.

Children with special needs are not high on the list here in the USA, they abort many special needs babies before they can be born. We have many many children in our Foster Care system that need loving families to care and love them. They have not had a very good start in life. We think that in other countries that the children are not taken care of. But please take a look at the children in the USA, there are lots of children small and large that need someone to love them .

I quess what we are trying to say is every child needs a loving family for them to grow and learn. We all need to see children for who they are , not for what any of them can or cannot do!!!
Please say a few prayers for all the little and big children of the world who need someone to love them.


Christy and Kevin said...

I agree 100%



Bella i luv you so much. I still can not belive how much u have grown it has been a year scence youre mommy and daddy went to get you here is a cheer for you " Hey go bella shake it up go bella Hey go bella shake it up go bella" Love kenzie love you bella xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo